DreamLeague Season 13 playoffs predictions from the Leipzig Major

We're down to the business end of the DreamLeague Season 13 Dota 2 Major in Leipzig and Luckbox community member Riley has shared his latest predictions for the playoffs.

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Fnatic vs TNC

Thursday, January 23, 10.30am CET - live stream

As the two powerhouses of SEA, the state of Fnatic and TNC have been a complete 180 from the previous Major.

Though still prone to mistakes, Fnatic have tremendously improved, as far as going toe to toe with the likes of Nigma and Secret, while TNC have been nothing but terrible as the Bottom Seed of Group A.

The acquisition of SunBhie pays off greatly, giving Fnatic finally a clear direction on the way they play their strengths, something they've been struggling to figure for a long time. Meanwhile, TNC seem absolutely lost ever since 7.23, and the addition of Febby as coach clearly doesn't help rectify that in the Major.

Riley's Rapid Picks: Fnatic to win vs TNC at 1.47x
Confidence rating: 4/5

Vici Gaming vs Evil Geniuses

Thursday, January 23, 4.30pm CET - live stream

EG managed to regain their status as favourites with their crisp, fresh win over Nigma after a sub-optimal performance at the arguably lesser-stacked groups, however their consistency definitely bleeds out more than to be desired.

Both them and VG are definitely top-tier in this match, but seeing VG's consistent track record should set out which of the two teams edges out (or if you want a more direct reference just rewatch ONE Invitational Singapore's Grand Finals).

Riley's Rapid Picks: VG to win vs EG at 1.47x
Confidence rating: 3/5

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