DreamHack Open Tours 2019: Three CSGO stars to watch

The start of DreamHack Open Tours 2019 may have flown under your radar a bit, but we’re here to tell you the event in France is very much worth your time and attention.

There may not be a Team Liquid or Astralis, but the event has a great mix of old gods and new young talents for you to watch, something that is incredibly exciting in the current CSGO landscape.

DreamHack Open Tours 2019 schedule, streams and betting odds


On the old side of things you have the likes of shox and kennyS, formerly kings of the thing that are still capable of the magical moments we remember, and it would be amazing if this were the event they ‘found themselves’ at.

However, here at Luckbox, we’re all about a brighter future, and for that reason we’re going to highlight three of the young stars you might see dominate the field over the course of the event. Without further adieu, as a young writer once wrote…

Windigo - poizon

The Bulgarian team comes into this game with less attention on them than the likes of Mous or even G2, but this kid is the real deal, and will be moving up soon if EU CSGO has any sense. Statistically he’s better than NAF or shox, although of course there is a degree of balance to take into account with the level of opponent he faces, and LANs like this are his chance to show how useful he could be to a bigger org. With the likes of Ropz, Frozen and Brollan blazing the trail, it’s never been a better time to be an upcoming star either, so watch him when you can over the course of DreamHack Tours.


Jame isn’t the best player in the world, tbh. Over the last three months or so, he’s been outranked by some Ukrainian guy called s1mple in the HLTV stats race, but other than that minor embarrassment he’s doing ok. In all seriousness, Avangar’s star man has outlandishly good stats for any level of CSGO, and we’ve seen him perform well at LAN too. Alongside qikert, he is a rising star of the CIS scene, and this is another chance to show the world what he can do.

Mousesports - ropz

After bursting onto the scene from FPL and proving himself to CSGO-mechanics guru James ‘Yet To Frag’ Bardolph at the FACEIT offices, ropz had a decent start to his career before it all went a bit wrong. The collapse of Mousesports coincided with the young Estonian going from danger man to also-ran, and the likes of suNny and even chrisJ looked more dangerous, but the arrival of karrigan has revitalised Mr Kool, and we’re looking forward to seeing him dominate a field that shouldn’t be able to hold a candle to him at his best.

DreamHack Open Tours 2019 schedule

DreamHack Open Tours 2019 is taking place from May 17th 2019 to May 19th 2019 in Tours, France.

There are two groups of four teams with the top two teams prgoressing to the play-offs. Group stage opening and winners' matches are best-of-one, while others are BO3. Play-off matches, including the final are BO3.


Group A

  • mousesports
  • Valiance
  • Windigo Gaming
  • Instinct Gaming

Group B

  • FrenchFrogs
  • G2 Esports
  • Ghost Gaming

Picture: Robin Kool on Instagram