DPC WEU Week 2 is over: Week 3 schedule and betting odds

DPC WEU excitement continues at full speed. Week 2 ended on March 26. Week 3 will kick off with the match between Nigma Galaxy and Tundra Esports on March 29.

The results of the Week 2 matches and the matches to be played in Week 3 are in our article.

DPC Western Europe Week 2 results

  • Team Secret 0 - 2 Tundra Esports

Tundra Esports beat Team Secret as expected. The 2-0 win was quite significant for Tundra Esports amid strong rivals.

  • Brame 0 - 2 Entity

Entity won 2-0 against Brame. It was another match where the favourites won.

  • Team Liquid 0 - 2 OG

Team Liquid and OG's Week 1 match was delayed due to an in-game bug. OG won the match played on 24 March 2-0.

  • Team Secret 2 - 1 OG

Team Secret and OG's encounter was pretty exciting one. Team Secret won the last game that lasted longer than 52 minutes, and finished the Bo3 series 2-1 ahead.

  • Gladiators 2 - 1 Entity

Contrary to expectations, Entity managed to take the lead against the Gladiators, but the Gladiators won two games in a row and finished the series ahead.

  • Nigma Galaxy - Gladiators (Postponed)

The match between Nigma Galaxy and Gladiators has been postponed due to COVID complications.

DPC Western Europe Week 3 matches

In the opening match of the third week, Tundra Esports is expected to win against Nigma Galaxy.

Team Liquid are the favourites against their rivals Brame. If we don't see any big surprises, the winner will be Team Liquid.

The most competitive match of the third week will undoubtedly be between Team Secret and the Gladiators. It is quite difficult to predict who will win.

  • Nigma Galaxy - Brame (April 2 - 14:00 CET)

Nigma Galaxy will want to win against Brame and it will be easy for them if they don't perform below average. It is imperative that they win this match, especially if they lose in the difficult Tundra Esports match.

  • OG - Tundra Esports (April 2 - 18:00 CET)

Both teams are among the group favourites, but Tundra Esports is more likely to win this match.

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