DPC SEA's Week 3 is approaching: Schedule and betting odds

The second week of DPC SEA saw some spectacular matches. The great rivalry between the teams continues at full speed.

What happened in DPC SEA Week 2 and the schedule and betting odds of Week 3 is mentioned in our article.

DPC Southeast Asia Week 2 results

  • T1 2 - 1 Nigma Galaxy SEA

Although T1 won the first game of the match, where they were the favourites, Nigma Galaxy SEA equalized the score. T1 won the last game, and became victorious by 2-1.

  • BOOM Esports 2 - 1 Polaris Esports

BOOM Esports were the favourite against Polaris Esports. Although they lost in the first game, BOOM Esports won the match 2-1. They are trying to recover from the technical issues they experienced in the first week.

  • Execration 1 - 2 Neon Esports

Execration is progressing far below expectations in the tournament by losing two of their matches in Week 3. At this rate, they will find themselves in Division II.

  • Fnatic 2 - 1 Execration

Even though Fnatic fell back against Execration, they won the third game quite easily and won the Bo3 series. They are currently in first position in DPC SEA.

  • T1 2 - 0 Team SMG

The team with the most comfortable victory of the week was T1. They won 2-0 against Team SMG.

DPC Southeast Asia Week 3 matches

Polaris Esports is the favourite side against Team SMG. Still, the match is expected to be a competitive one. Team SMG will want to pull themselves together and participate in the race to the top.

BOOM Esports will want to hold on tight to the tournament, especially after the loss in the first week due to unlucky technical issues. It is almost certain that they will win the match.

Things are not going well for Execration. T1 will probably be the victor over Execration as well.

  • Team SMG - Neon Esports (April 2 - 08:00 CET)

The Neon Esports’ match with Team SMG is expected to be quite competitive. Favourite team is Team SMG.

  • Fnatic - Nigma Galaxy SEA (April 2 - 11:00 CET)

In the closing match of Week 3 at DPC SEA, Fnatic is the favourite against Nigma Galaxy SEA. Fnatic has progressed quite well so far, and will want to keep it that way.

The third week of DPC Southeast Asia and other regions begins. Don’t forget to follow this excitement on Luckbox.

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