DPC SEA Tour 3 Division I: Week 4 schedule and betting odds

The third week of the DPC SEA Tour 3 Division I has come to an end. So far, Fnatic is undefeated. Still, there are many ambitious teams in the race to the top.

Let's take a look at what happened in the third week, and the schedule and predictions of the fourth week.

Two comebacks at Week 3 of DPC SEA Tour 3 Division I

  • Polaris Esports 1 - 2 RSG
  • T1 2 - 1 Team SMG
  • Fnatic 2 - 0 Talon
  • Team SMG 0 - 2 RSG
  • BOOM Esports 2 - 1 Nigma Galaxy SEA

RSG won 2-1 against Polaris Esports. Polaris Esports took their fourth defeat with this match and they have no wins yet.

T1, on the other hand, fell back against Team SMG in the first game, but won two games in a row. This was a pretty important win for T1.

Talon Esports suffered their first defeat against Fnatic. Although Nigma Galaxy SEA came close to winning the first game against BOOM Esports, BOOM Esports won two games in a row, and closed the series as the victor.

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DPC SEA Tour 3 Division I: Week 4 schedule and predictions

Nigma Galaxy SEA is currently trying not to relegate to Division II, while RSG is pursuing the lead. Although it is expected that RSG will win the match, it will be a series worth watching.

  • BOOM Esports - Polaris Esports (June 29 - 12:00 CEST)

BOOM Esports, one of DPC SEA's favourite teams, probably will not have a hard time against Polaris Esports, which has not won so far.

The match expected to be the most competitive of the week will be played between T1 and Talon Esports. T1 looks one step ahead.

BOOM Esports is also expected to win in their second match this week. Although RSG wants to take part in the race to the top, they need to perform quite well in this match in order to come out victorious.

It looks like Fnatic will also win their fourth match in the tournament by winning against Team SMG. Team SMG will do their best to avoid relegation to Division II, but they still have a tough job ahead of them.

Week 5 of the DPC SEA Tour 3 Division I will begin on July 6, and Week 6 will begin on July 13 as excitement builds on the road to the Arlington Major.