DPC SEA is nearing its end: Standings, schedule and odds

Dota 2 Pro Circuit runs at full steam around the world, Tour 1 is drawing close to its end, so we have compiled the upcoming matches and standings for you. Here you can find the list of the latest matches from South East Asia Division I, and our predictions on the upcoming results.

Standings Teams W/L
1. Boom Esports 8 — 0
2. T1 4 — 0
3. Execration 4 — 3
4. Fnatic 4 — 4
5. Motivate.Trust Gaming 4 — 4
6. Team SMG 4 — 4
7. OB.Neon 1 — 6
8. TNC Predator 0 — 8


Current standings are in favour of BOOM Esports with an overwhelming victory count of 4-0, and zero losses overall against all the other top contenders so it looks like a safe possibility that they will claim victory in the region.

T1 is following closely on the heels of BOOM with zero losses but with only two matches played.

Execration, Fnatic, and Motivate.Trust Gaming are following the leaders with almost identical results. This is where things are going to run wild. Our overall 3rd place contender would be Fnatic by the way, and odds are in their favor against Motivate.Trust Gaming in their upcoming match.

Team SMG might shake things up a bit if they manage to win their remaining two matches. They have similar odds against their opponents OB.Neon. But their upcoming match with Execration is in their favor, with odds 1.38 versus Execration's 2.80.

Things look bleak for TNC Predator, they had very poor results and they don’t have a chance unless they manage to pull out a rabbit from a hat, with a very high odd of 8.00 against them in their last match with top contender BOOM Esports.

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DPC SEA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division I Last Week Matches

T1 vs. OB.Neon (January 5 - 9:00 CET)
Execration vs. Team SMG (January 5 - 12:00 CET)
Fnatic vs. Motivate.Trust Gaming (January 6 - 12:00 CET)
Boom Esports vs. TNC Predator (January 8 - 9:00 CET)
Team SMG vs. OB.Neon (January 8 - 12:00 CET)

Image credit: Boom Esports

There is an unannounced Major after the end of the tour where stakes will run high. Stay updated on our news page, don’t miss out on the announcement.

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