DPC SEA 2022 week 4-5 update and betting odds

Hype matches of week 4 of DPC SEA Division I are done and dusted, and we now have a tie about who gets the 2nd place. Fnatic, or Team SMG?

It’s time for a quick update about the week’s results. Let’s check the current standings, and see what we can expect from the last two matches of this tour. Last and probably the most important match of this division is on to 14th of January, so make sure to update your calendars.

Standings Teams W/L
1. BOOM Esports 4-0
2. Fnatic 3-2
3. Team SMG 3-2
4. T1 2-1
5. Execration 2-2
6. Motivate.Trust Gaming 2-3
7. Neon 1-3
8. TNC Predator 0-4


Current Results

Fnatic managed to pull itself up to second place with their win against Motivate.Trust Gaming, alongside Team SMG and now appear in a tie which will be broken in their last match against OB.Neon on the January 14th. It was a close match, odds were almost even and the first game went to the MG.Trust, but Fnatic quickly turned the tables and scored in the last two games. Congratulations to them. After Team SMG's last match, either them or Fnatic will qualify for the Group stage and the other will be the Major Wildcard.

Thus; T1, Execration and Motivate.Trust Gaming managed to stay in the current division.

BOOM Esports is guarding their crown like a tiger, with their dominating win-streak of 4-0 match wins, and 8-0 net game winning streak on top of that. Winners of the matches are determined according to Bo3 rule. So BOOM is not only winning its matches. It didn’t even lose any games to anybody it played against.

They are the masters of this division that’s for sure.

Everything is not over yet though. We said we have two more matches left to go:

TNC Predator vs. BOOM Esports (January 8 - 09:00 CET)
Team SMG vs. OB.Neon (January 14 - 09:00 CET)

It’s almost certain how these matches will go down but there’s always a chance of a miraculous comeback in esports, maybe in the case of OB.Neon and not so when it comes to TNC Predator.:

Nobody expected Team Spirit to rise from the bottom and win the international 2021 eh? With a total of 585 DPC points for the 2021 DPC Season, the team was ineligible for a direct invite to The International 2021, yet they managed to rise from the pit in the Eastern European Qualifiers.

Odds are in favour of BOOM Esports with 1.05 and against TNC Predator with a BOOMing 8.00. Good luck TNC because you are going down, baby.

Team SMG versus OB.Neon is another story though. Theirs will be the deciding match in who gets the 2nd place, Team SGM or Fnatic? Even if OB.Neon wins it cannot rise up to 6th place and stay in the division, with more losses than Motivate.Trust Gaming. But it will still be a close call for Team SMG and may become a dent in their pride. Odds are 2.15 for Team SMG and 1.62 for OB.Neon

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