DPC SEA Tour 2 starts: Week 1 schedule and betting odds

Tour 1 of the Dota Pro Circuit has ended and the Regional Finals have been played. BOOM Esports has won both the Division I and the Regional Finals.

Now it's time for DPC's Tour 2. Week 1 matches of DPC SEA region are in our article. Let's start without waiting too long.

Dota Pro Circuit format

The formats are the same in all regions of the Dota Pro Circuit. Six of the participants come from the previous DPC North America Division I. Polaris Esports and Nigma Galaxy SEA, on the other hand, qualified to compete in Division I in Tour 2 with their success in Division II.

During the group stage, the matches are played in a single round-robin best of three format. The top three teams will go to ESL One Stockholm 2022. The last two teams will be relegated to Division II.


  • BOOM Esports
  • Fnatic
  • T1
  • Team SMG
  • Neon Esports
  • Execration
  • Polaris Esports
  • Nigma Galaxy SEA

Polaris Esports - Nigma Galaxy SEA (March 16 - 08:00 CET)

The opening match between Polaris Esports and Nigma Galaxy SEA will probably be quite an exciting one. Nigma Galaxy SEA looks one step ahead.

Fnatic - Neon Esports (March 16 - 11:00 CET)

The likely favourite of this match is Fnatic. Neon Esports is also one of the teams in the group that can show exceptional performance but only time will show that to us.

Team SMG - Execration (March 17 - 11:00 CET)

In the match between Team SMG and Execration, Team SMG looks like the frontrunner. Still, Execration has the power to give Team SMG a hard time.

T1 - Polaris Esports (March 19 - 08:00 CET)

All matches are tough for Polaris Esports, who have just stepped into Division I. T1 is also the favourite against them.

BOOM Esports - Nigma Galaxy SEA (March 19 - 11:00 CET)

This is the only game with a clear favourite in Week 1 matches of DPC SEA. BOOM Esports will likely win the match unless they perform below expectations.

Prize pool

Place USD Seed DPC Points
1st $30,000 Stockholm Major 400
2nd $28,000 Stockholm Major 240
3rd $27,000 Stockholm Major 160
4th $26,000 - 80
5th $25,000 - 40
6th $24,000 - -
7th $23,000 - -
8th $22,000 - -


Tour 2 of the Dota Pro Circuit Southeast Asia and all the other regions begins. Follow this excitement on Luckbox.

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