DPC SA/WEU SEA Regional Finals finished

After a marathon in 2 days between February 11-13, DPC 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Finals has come to an end for three regions: WEU, SEA and SA. Teams showed their best to get as many DPC Points they can get.

Let’s see what happened in two days of these exciting Dota 2 tournaments.

DPC WEU winner: Gladiators

Team Liquid, Gladiators, Tundra Esports and OG were the teams that participated in this tournament.

Between these four teams, the most favorite and more likely team to win this tournament was Tundra Esports but it was not an expected performance for both team and fans, since the team finished the tournament as 4th without having any DPC Points.

Their first disappointing performance was in the Upper Bracket Round 1. The team lost against the Gladiators with a 2-0 score. Their bad performance had already started at Division I but nobody expected Tundra Esports to keep it for DPC WEU.

Even though OG started the tournament with a loss against Team Liquid on a 2-0 score, they were able to find the win against Tundra Esports in Lower Bracket Round 1. They placed  3rd since they lost to the Gladiators in the Lower Bracket Final.

Ace from Gladiators | Credit: Turtle Entertainment

To be fair, the performance that Team Liquid showed in this tournament was something incredible. Their rivals were stronger and close to win but they proved their power by being the owner of $25,000 and 130 DPC Points.

After having a win against OG in the Upper Bracket Round 1, they have matched with Gladiators in the Upper Bracket Final. Team Liquid won the match with 2-0 score. This made the team go to the Grand Final of DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Finals.

The winner of DPC WEU were the Gladiators, which was Team Tickles before being signed by Gaimin Gladiators on February 8th. Joining from Upper Bracket Round 1, the team beat Tundra Esports by 2-0. After losing against Team Liquid in the Upper Bracket Final, Gladiators were the winner of Lower Bracket Final against OG.

Matching with Team Liquid in the Grand Final, Gladiators finished the tournament and got the title of winner with a 3-1 score. They win DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Finals and $50,000 and 250 DPC Points along with it. Congratulations to Gladiators, now they have a bright future for further tournaments.

DPC SEA winner: BOOM Esports

This tournament was something where everything went as expected. Fnatic, BOOM Esports, T1 and Team SMG were the teams that joined the tournament.

There were matches between BOOM Esports vs Team SMG and Fnatic vs T1 in the Upper Bracket Round 1. As expected, BOOM Esports won against TEAM SMG by 2-0 score while T1 became the winner of its match against Team SMG.

skem from BOOM Esports | Credit: DreamHack

Lower Bracket Round 1 was played between Team SMG and Fnatic. Team SMG was the winner of this round and matched with BOOM Esports in the Lower Bracket Final, who lost against T1 in the Upper Bracket Final.

Grand Final of DPC SEA 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Finals was between T1 and BOOM Esports. As being played in Bo5 format, BOOM Esports beat T1 with a 3-1 score, which means $50,000 prize and 250 DPC Points.

DPC SA winner: beastcoast

DPC SA 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Finals finished on February 13. The teams who joined to this tournament was Thunder Awaken, Infamous, beastcoast and APU King of Kings.

Upper Bracket Round 1 was held between Thunder Awaken vs APU King of Kings and Infamous vs beastcoast. As winners of Round 1, Thunder Awaken and beastcoast moved to the Upper Bracket Final while APU King of Kings and Infamous matched on Lower Bracket Round 1.

StingeR from beastcoast | Credit: Valve

Infamous won against APU King of Kings with a 2-0 score and matched with Thunder Awaken on Lower Bracket Final, who lost against beastcoast on Upper Bracket Final.

Lower Bracket Final’s winner was Infamous with 2-0 against Thunder Awaken and that made the Grand Final of beastcoast vs Infamous.

Like they did in the Upper Bracket Round 1, beastcoast found the key of the win with a 3-0 score and that brought $50,000 and 250 DPC Points.

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