DPC SA Tour 3 Division I: Week 6 schedule and betting odds

Week five of the Dota Pro Circuit South America has come to an end. Dota 2 fans are looking forward to the encounter of beastcoast and Thunder Awaken in the sixth week.

Today we are going to look at what happened in the fifth week, the schedule and betting odds of the sixth week.

DPC SA Tour 3 Division I: Week 5 results

  • Thunder Awaken 2 - 0 Infinity
  • Wolf 2 - 1 Hokori
  • Infamous 2 - 1 Tempest
  • beastcoast 2 - 1 SG esports
  • Tempest 2 - 0 Hokori
  • Wolf Team 2 - 1 Infinity

In the fifth week of DPC SA, we did not encounter a very surprising result. Thunder Awaken and beastcoast got their fifth win.

Wolf Team made a comeback against Hokori, making it difficult for their opponent to stay in Division I. Another comeback came from Infamous against Tempest.

If Hokori wants to stay in Division I, they will need to perform well in the final week and then play a tiebreaker. The tiebreaker will also depend on the outcome of the series between SG esports and Wolf Team.

Exciting encounters await us in the last week of Dota Pro Circuit South America. Which team is your favourite? Which teams do you think will get the Arlington Major ticket and which teams will be relegated to Division II? You can watch the matches of your favourite teams and place bets on Luckbox. Sign up now and enjoy a 100% bonus on your first deposit.

Credit: Valve

DPC SA Tour 3 Division I: Week 6 matches and predictions

SG esports needs to perform brilliantly in this match to avoid the risk of relegation to Division II. Their rival, Wolf Team, is a strong competitor, although they have no other claims than to finish in the middle of the pack.

Infamous still has chances to qualify for the Arlington Major. They will want to win this match and play a tiebreaker.

The most anticipated game of the region will be played in Week 6. Thunder Awaken is expected to win the match and take first place.

What do you think awaits us in the final week of Dota Pro Circuit South America? Who will make it to the Arlington Major and who will be relegated to Division II? Stay on Luckbox for answers to all these questions.