DPC SA Tour 3 Division I: Week 4 schedule and betting odds

Week three of the Dota Pro Circuit South America Tour 3 Division I has been concluded. Three of the five matches had comebacks and it was a fantastic week for the audience.

Let's take a look at what happened in the third week and the matches of the fourth week.

DPC SA Tour 3 Division I: Week 3 results

  • Wolf Team 1 - 2 Infamous
  • Infinity 0 - 2 SG esports
  • Tempest 0 - 2 Thunder Awaken
  • Infamous 1 - 2 Infinity
  • Hokori 1 - 2 beastcoast

Wolf Team started the first match of the week ahead. While this was a good start for Wolf Team since they have a risk of relegation to Division II, Infamous won two games in a row and won the series.

Infamous, one of the strongest teams in the region, took the lead against Infinity, but with Infinity's comeback, they took their first defeat in the tournament.

In the last match of the week, Hokori won their first game against beastcoast and were close to getting their first win. However, beastcoast, one of the most recognizable and powerful teams in the region, did not give up easily and seized their third victory by winning two games in a row.

In South America, there are quite strong teams in the leadership race. Which is your favourite team? Do you think beastcoast, Infamous or Thunder Awaken will get the regional lead or do Infinity and SG esports still have a chance? You can watch the matches of your favourite team on Luckbox and place bets on them. Sign up now and enjoy a 100% bonus on your first deposit.

DPC SA Tour 3 Division I: Week 4 schedule and predictions

Two teams at a high risk of relegation to Division II will face each other. Although it is more likely that Hokori will achieve their first win, it will still be a great watch.

Another highly anticipated match of the week will be played between Tempest and SG esports. While it's hard to predict who will win, SG esports is one step ahead.

Although Infamous has progressed very well so far, they will have a hard time against a team that has made a name for themselves with their successes like beastcoast.

This will be the most difficult match this week in terms of predicting the winner. Although Hokori has performed well below expectations so far, they will want to win both of their matches this week and improve their performance. Predicting the winner is quite difficult, but looking at their performance so far, Infinity is one step ahead.

This week, two of Thunder Awaken's rivals, beastcoast and Infamous, face off. Taking this opportunity, Thunder Awaken will plan to rise in the standings by defeating the Wolf Team.

The fifth week of Dota Pro Circuit South America will begin on July 7, and the sixth week on July 14. We have entered the last weeks and the excitement started to rise. Do not miss this excitement.