DPC SA Tour 3 Division I: Week 3 schedule and betting odds

Things are starting to heat up at the top as the Dota Pro Circuit South America Tour 3 Division I continues at full speed. So far beastcoast, Infamous and Thunder Awaken are performing admirably.

Let's take a look at what happened in the second week, the schedule and betting odds of the third week.

Wolf Team's surprising comeback against beastcoast

  • Infamous 2 - 1 SG esports
  • Tempest 1 - 2 Infinity
  • Wolf Team 2 - 1 beastcoast
  • Thunder Awaken 2 - 1 Hokori
  • Tempest 1 - 2 beastcoast

In the second week of DPC SA, the audience was mesmerized by every single match. Neither team had a comfortable win. It was especially fascinating that Wolf Team, who lost the first game in just 21 minutes against beastcoast, won the series 2-1 by winning two games in a row.

Infamous beat SG esports in week two and are going undefeated. They are currently the only undefeated team of the tournament. Infinity also got a quite important win with their comeback against Tempest, their first win.

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Credit: Valve

DPC SA Tour 3 Division I: Week 3 matches

Infamous is doing pretty well so far. Wolf Team, on the other hand, gave a surprise performance against beastcoast. It is not known if Wolf Team will continue this performance, but Infamous is more likely to win the match.

One of the matches expected to be the most enjoyable to watch will be between Infinity and SG esports. It is quite difficult to predict which team will win. The only thing for sure is that both sides will give their best.

After their loss to Infamous, Thunder Awaken needs to be much more careful. In this match, they are expected to be careful, perform well and defeat Tempest.

Infamous will probably have their third win after this series, but Infinity is performing well, so the latter is not to be underestimated.

Hokori, who has performed far below expectations so far, needs to recover as soon as possible, but this will probably not be the match where they can. Beastcoast is expected to take the win without much difficulty.