DPC SA Tour 2 Division I: Week 4 schedule and betting odds

The fourth week of the DPC SA begins. The competition is heating up as the tournament slowly draws to a close.

The Balrogs are yet to register a win. The magnificent competition of beastcoast and Thunder Awaken for the first place continues at full speed. What happened in Week 3 and the schedule and betting odds of Week 4 are in our article.

DPC South America Week 3 results

  • Balrogs 0 - 2 Thunder Awaken
  • Infinity 2 - 1 APU King of Kings
  • Lava 0 -2 beastcoast
  • Balrogs 0 - 2 Infamous
  • Hokori 2- 1 APU King of Kings

APU King of Kings started off pretty well against Infinity, but lost 2-1 to the latter after consecutive losses. If they had won the match, they would have been much more assertive in the middle row race. Except for Infinity vs. APU King of Kings, the matchups were pretty predictable.

Beastcoast has won four of their four matches, while their closest rival, Thunder Awaken, has now won all three of their matches. The Balrogs, on the other hand, will find themselves in Division II if they don't start winning soon.

DPC South America Week 4 matches

Things have not gone well for Infinity so far. Considering that their first opponent in Week 4 is Thunder Awaken, one of the DPC SA favourites, their situation is not expected to improve, at least in terms of this match.

Lava had a great start to DPC SA. They then faced favourites of the tournament back to back, beastcoast and Thunder Awaken. This had a direct impact on their ranking. Now they will face Balrogs, who have lost all their matches, presenting a good opportunity for Lava to rise again.

Hokori has not done badly so far in the DPC SA, where strong opponents compete. They will want to consolidate their position by getting the win against Infinity as well.

Beastcoast, currently number one in DPC South America, will face the APU King of Kings, who has not had much success in the tournament yet. Unless there is a big surprise, the outcome of the encounter seems certain.

Infamous is looking to redeem themselves from the middle. Thunder Awaken has their eye on the top spot. Although we seem to be watching a quite exciting match, the favourite of the match is Thunder Awaken.

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