DPC North America: Week 5 update, schedule and betting odds

The DPC divisions are coming to a close as the heat of competition increase. The North American Dota Pro Circuit Division I is still led by Quincy Crew with EG and nouns following closely behind to capitalize on their mistakes. Let's take a look at what happened last week.

The most important result was probably Quincy Crew's win over nouns on Wednesday. Having beaten one of their biggest rivals in the race for the title, QC will go into next week with a lot of confidence. Having lost two games in a week, felt are stuck at the bottom of the table and it does not look like they can avoid relegation.

DPC NA Week 4 recap

Two teams with no wins faced each other to start the week. 5RATFORCESTAFF’s opponent was felt. felt were defeated in two quick games, one lasting 38 minutes and the other 32 minutes. With this result, their chances of staying in Division I have become even slimmer.

Quincy Crew’s rival was nouns. Two 4-0 teams met to stay at the top of Division I and secure a comfortable position before the Arlington Major spots are distributed. QC proved they were more than prepared by winning the first game in 48 minutes. QC then won the second game in 45 minutes to secure the 2-0 victory.

Wildcard Gaming played against The Cut, both teams seeing this as a chance to save themselves from the last places in NA Division I. However, The Cut could not prevail against WG in this important series. After a 46-minute win, Wildcard won the second game in 36 minutes to secure a quick 2-0.

The final day began with Evil Geniuses vs 5RFS. One of the best teams in the division, EG played incredibly well and easily defeated 5RFS. The first game was won 35-12 in 33 minutes and the second was even quicker, 25-7 in 23 minutes. With this result, EG managed to catch up with nouns.

To finish the day, TSM faced the last team in the table; felt. felt failed to show up the second time this week and TSM won the first game of the series 44-12 in 23 minutes. They stomped the second game even harder, 43-7 in 23 minutes to secure the fifth 2-0 win of the week.

After five 2-0 results, the race for the Arlington Major got even more interesting. Everything is at stake for the fifth week of DPC NA. Make sure you watch the games live on Luckbox, and whenever you are ready, sign up to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.

DPC NA Week 5 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule below:

Evil Geniuses (1.01) vs felt (12.00) - 21:00 CEST, Tuesday, July 5

While Evil Geniuses put in a strong performance last week, felt could not match the Division I standards. They could be in for another defeat.

TSM (1.28) vs nouns (3.30) - 21:00 CEST, Wednesday, July 6

This is an important chance for TSM to get back into the race for the Arlington Major. nouns is a strong rival but if they win they can challenge for the second spot.

Quincy Crew (1.01) vs The Cut (12.00) - 00:00 CEST, Thursday, July 7

QC seem unstoppable and The Cut have yet to show anything to make us believe in their chances of upsetting the leaders.

Wildcard Gaming (1.13) vs 5RATFORCESTAFF (5.00) - 21:00 CEST, Saturday, July 9

Both teams are close to the bottom of the league and currently do not have much chance of making it to Texas. It's hard to pick a winner, aside from the fact that 5RFS’ only win was against felt.

The Cut vs felt - 00:00 CEST, Sunday, July 10

felt's performance has been so poor that it is unlikely they will be able to hold their own against The Cut. It just doesn't look like they can get a win before the end of Tour 3.