DPC NA Week 3 starts: Schedule and betting odds

The first two weeks of DPC NA are over. Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew and TSM are doing great, and the competition is heating up.

The third week begins on March 29. What happened in the second week, the schedule and betting odds of the third week is mentioned in our article.

DPC NA Week 2 results

  • Quincy Crew 2 - 1 4 Zoomers

The match between Quincy Crew and the 4 Zoomers was expected to be competitive, but this was not expected. The shortest game lasted over 44 minutes, while the longest game lasted exactly 76 minutes and 12 seconds. The winner was Quincy Crew with a score of 2-1 as expected.

  • TSM 2 - 0 simply TOOBASED

TSM “simply” won both matches against simply TOOBASED. Seen as one of the weak links of DPC NA Division I, simply TOOBASED couldn't stand against TSM.

  • The Cut 2 - 0 Team DogChamp

The Cut won the match 2-0 between the two newly promoted teams from Division II.

  • Evil Geniuses 2 - 0 simply TOOBASED

Evil Geniuses secured the most comfortable win in the second week. The total playing time of the two matches was 40 minutes.

  • Quincy Crew 2 - 1 Team DogChamp

Team DogChamp, newly promoted to Division I, put on a great show in their first game against Quincy Crew. Although Team DogChamp won the long game, Quincy Crew managed to win the remaining two games.

Credit: ESL

DPC NA Week 3 matches

The opening match of the third week will be between The Cut and TSM. TSM is expected to dominate.

This match is quite important for both teams. The 4 Zoomers are the favourites. They should win if they want to participate in the race to the top, and on the other hand, Wildcard Gaming should win if they do not want to be relegated to Division II.

Both simply TOOBASED and Team DogChamp will play for their first win. Simply TOOBASED seems one step ahead.

So far Evil Geniuses is progressing brilliantly. Against the 4 Zoomers, the favourite side is also Evil Geniuses. The 4 Zoomers will still give their best since this match is quite important for them.

  • TSM - Wildcard Gaming (April 2 - 23:00 CET)

Another possibly easy match that TSM will play in Week 3 will be against Wildcard Gaming. Wildcard Gaming has faced tough opponents and performed below expectations so far.

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