DPC NA: Tiebreakers schedule and betting odds

DPC North America 2021/2022 Tour 3 Division I is almost over: three-way tiebreakers between the top and the bottom of the league will be played. EG, QC and nouns are tied for first place and only two of them will be able to make it to Arlington Major.

At the bottom of the league, 5RATFORCESTAFF, felt and The Cut are in a similar position. All three of them finished Division I 1-6, and two of them will be relegated after the three-way tiebreakers. The tiebreakers will follow the BO1 round-robin format and will be played this weekend.

What happened in DPC NA Week 6?

Before the sixth week, only three matches weren’t played in NA Division I and they were deeply important for both the relegation zone and the Arlington Major spots.

After getting defeated in the first game, nouns turned the series against 5RATFORCESTAFF in two games that took 52 minutes and 32 minutes. With this result, nouns secured the first place, or at least tied for it. Plus, they sent 5RATFORCESTAFF to the three-way relegation tiebreaker.

TSM and Wildcard Gaming were away from any of the discussions, but TSM’s defeat over Wildcard Gaming secured them an early spot in The International 11. Both games ended fairly quickly, TSM defeated their opponents in just over an hour. However, none of them will be able to represent NA at the Arlington Major.

Finally, the last game of the day was played. Evil Geniuses had to defeat Quincy Crew or they would be stuck in third place and miss the Major. EG understood the assignment and started with a quick 29 minute victory. Closing it with another win, EG secured the series and went into the three-way tiebreaker.

As per best-of-one round-robin format, each team will play two games in order to have a chance to make it to Arlington Major. If the tie don’t get resolved after the tiebreakers, an unlimited amount of tiebreakers will be played until it's resolved.

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DPC NA Tiebreakers schedule

First, check out the 1-3 Tiebreakers schedule:

July 15, Friday
Evil Geniuses vs nouns - 21:00 CEST
TBA vs TBA - 22:00 CEST
TBA vs TBA - 23:00 CEST

The 6-8 tiebreakers will follow this schedule:

July 16, Saturday
felt vs The Cut - 00:00 CEST
TBA vs TBA - 01:00 CEST
TBA vs TBA - 02:00 CEST

For both tiebreakers, it’s very tough to determine winners. Evil Geniuses’ loss against nouns was a very early one, with nouns defeating the former in the first week. They were also able to defeat Quincy Crew recently, which puts them ahead of the other two.

For relegation, none of the bottom teams has shown anything good since the start of NA Division I. Only one of them will survive, and very few comments can be made about them. felt lost all their series 0-2, and won only one game while still dropping a map against The Cut. Both The Cut and 5RATFORCESTAFF have two 1-2 defeats and 5RFS got their only win with a 2-0 score. Considering 5RFS also looked motivated against nouns, they are the closest to avoiding relegation.