DPC NA/CN/EEU: Schedule and betting odds

DPC SA, WEU and SEA regional finals have come to an end. Beastcoast, Gladiators and BOOM Esports won, respectively. Now it's time for the other three regions to compete for supremacy. DPC North America, China and Eastern Europe regional finals start on February 18.

Here's what you need to know about the regional finals, including the schedule and betting odds.

DPC Regional Finals Format

The format of all Regional Finals are the same. The finals will be played in a Bo3 double-elimination playoffs bracket with the grand finals being Bo5.

DPC Regional Finals Prize Pool

Prize Pools that will be distributed at the Regional Finals will also be exactly the same across all regions.

Place USD DPC Points
1st $50,000 250
2nd $25,000 130
3rd $15,000 -
4th $10,000 -


Dota Pro Circuit North America Regional Finals

The four teams that will compete in the North America Regional Finals are Quincy Crew, TSM, Evil Geniuses and 4 Zoomers.

Quincy Crew - 4 Zoomers (February 18 - 21:00 CET)
TSM - Evil Geniuses (February 19 - 00:00 CET)

Quincy Crew vs 4 Zoomers has a clear favorite side: Quincy Crew. The team has performed well in the DPC NA Regional League and is one of the favorites going into the regional finals. Quincy Crew finished first in Division I, while 4 Zoomers finished fourth.

TSM vs Evil Geniuses is definitely worth watching. We will witness the encounter of two teams of almost equal strength. In the last match between these two teams, Evil Geniuses won with a score of 2-0. TSM finished second in Division I, while Evil Geniuses finished third.

In general, the only team whose championship is considered with a low probability is 4 Zoomers. However they can surprise everyone. It is difficult to predict who will be the champion among the other three teams.

Dota Pro Circuit China Regional Finals

Strong teams will compete in the DPC China Regional Finals. These teams are PSG.LGD, Team Aster, Royal Never Give Up and EHOME.

PSG.LGD - EHOME (February 18 - 07:00 CET)
Team Aster - Royal Never Give Up (February 18 - 10:00 CET)

The first encounter will be between PSG.LGD and EHOME. PSG.LGD is the clear favourite in this match. If we do not see a surprise, PSG.LGD will easily make it to the final. PSG.LGD won 2-1 in the match between the two teams in Division I. Division I's winner was PSG.LGD, while EHOME placed fourth.

Team Aster looks one step ahead in the match between Division I runner-up Team Aster and the third Royal Never Give Up. In the match between the two, Royal Never Give Up won 2-1.

PSG.LGD is the favourite to win the DPC China Regional Finals, followed by Team Aster and Royal Never Give Up, respectively, whereas EHOME will be the dark horse.

Dota Pro Circuit Eastern Europe Regional Finals

Team Spirit, HellRaisers, PuckChamp and Virtus.pro are the teams participating in the DPC Eastern Europe Regional Finals and is the last region we will talk about.

Team Spirit - HellRaisers (February 18 - 14:00 CET)
PuckChamp - Virtus.pro (February 18 - 17:00 CET)

The first encounter will be between Team Spirit and Hellraiser. The favourite, as you might guess, is Team Spirit. Division I's winner was Team Spirit while HellRaisers placed fourth

Virtus.pro is the favorite against PuckChamp. Virtus.pro finished third in Division I and PuckChamp finished second and beat Virtus.pro 2-1 but Virtus.pro still seems to have the power to turn that around.

The biggest title contender of the DPC Eastern Europe Regional Finals is Team Spirit. Next comes Virtus.pro.

Which teams will you support in the regional finals? You can watch the matches of your favourite teams and place bets on Luckbox.