DPC EEU Tour 3 Division I: Week 3 schedule and betting odds

The third week of Dota Pro Circuit Eastern Europe Tour 3 Division I will kick off on June 23. While Natus Vincere, One Move, Outsiders and Team Spirit are doing well, Mind Games and Pari Parni need to pull themselves together as soon as possible.

Let's take a look at what happened in DPC EEU Week 2 and what matches await us in Week 3.

DPC EEU Tour 3 Division I Week 2 results

In the first two weeks of DPC EEU, viewers encountered interesting results. All series have been 2:0.

  • Mind Games 0 - 2 One Move
  • Pari Parni 0 - 2 Outsiders
  • Natus Vincere 0 - 2 Team Spirit
  • One Move 2 - 0 Rune Eaters
  • Mind Games 0 - 2 BetBoom Team

The second week started with the victory of One Move. They also won against Rune Eaters, and have been performing quite well so far, despite being newly promoted from Division II. NAVI, on the other hand, met with their first defeat by losing 0-2 against Team Spirit.

Looking at the results so far, it looks like the two teams emerging from Division II, One Move and Rune Eaters, will stay in Division I, while Mind Games and Pari Parni will bid farewell to Division I. Let's see what's in store for the next few weeks.

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Credit: BTS Dota

DPC EEU Tour 3 Division I Week 3 schedule and predictions

Both teams have one win and one loss so far. BetBoom Team is expected to win over the newly promoted Rune Eaters. However, it is an encounter where we can be surprised.

The two teams, who have been defeated in all three matches they have played so far, will face each other. The side closer to achieving the first win is Pari Parni.

Both Natus Vincere and Outsiders are quite ambitious teams. NAVI has two wins and one loss so far, while Outsiders have two wins and are still undefeated. Although Outsiders are expected to win this match, the series is also expected to be one of the most competitive matches of the week.

Rune Eaters will face the reigning champion of The International. Team Spirit is expected to win the match comfortably.

So far, One Move has been performing well above expectations. Although it is expected that BetBoom Team will disrupt the good course of One Move by winning this match, it is certain that an exciting match awaits us.