DPC CN 2021/22 Tour 1: Division I - second week wrap-up

The second week of DPC China kicked off with a win for Team Aster against LBZS, but now let’s take a look at the first week of DPC CN and what happened. Last week we wrote about the beginning of DPC CN. The regional circuit contains worldwide star teams such as Invictus Gaming and PSG.LGD among other high-level teams such as Team Aster.

Standings Teams Win/Loss
1. PSG.LGD 3-0
2. EHOME 2-1
2. Royal Never Give Up 2-1
2. Team Aster 2-1
5. Invictus Gaming 1-2
5. LBZS 1-2
5. Vici Gaming 1-2
8. Phoenix Gaming 0-3


Highlights from the first week

  • As we mentioned in our previous article, can PSG.LGD dominate the domestic and international pro circuit? It seems like they can. They scored a win against the second favourite of the region, Team Aster. It wasn’t a free win for them though as Aster pushed PSG but the results were a 2-1 map win for PSG. Also throughout the first week, PSG won against every single opponent it faced: Team Aster, Phoenix Gaming, Vici gaming. It’s no surprise that they won 2nd place in International 2021.
  • Invictus Gaming is having a hard time despite its worldwide success as one of the teams that managed to enter The International 2021. With two losses against EHOME and Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and one win against the region’s underdog Team Phoenix. Kaka left IG and Fade took his place in November 2021. Maybe that slight change of roster didn’t bode well for IG or they are having trouble as a team maintaining their cohesion. Can worldwide stars change their fate? They still have 4 matches to go.
  • EHOME took second place in week 1 but they had it fairly easy playing against Team Phoenix and managed to get a win against world star Invictus Gaming. They are doing very well but don’t get hyped about them, yet.
  • RNG also managed to win against IG. It’s not the underdogs that are performing well but the top dogs flopping.
  • Team Aster is holding up well and if they continue their performance like this, they may still have another shot at the International as they did last year. Aster is a team that relies on its over aggressiveness but it failed them last year. If they’ve learned anything from their mistakes maybe this time they won’t flop.

It’s still fairly early to say what will come out of DPC CN 2022, all of the teams are trading blows and winning and losing matches as they come. Currently, there’s only one underdog that’s performing extremely well and it's EHOME. Featuring the former roster of Phoenix Gaming.

No big surprises as of yet in DPC CN. Except for the poor performance of Invictus Gaming.

Highlight matches and predictions for week 2 of DPC CN are:

EHOME vs. Team Aster (January 11, 2022 - 09:00 CET)
with odds of 2.80 for EHOME - 1.40 for Aster

Invictus Gaming vs. Vici Gaming (January 14, 2022 - 09:00 CET)
with odds of 1.32 for Invictus Gaming - 3.10 for Vici Gaming

EHOME vs. Vici Gaming (January 16, 2022 - 09:00 CET)

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