DPC China: Week 5 update, schedule and betting odds

DPC CN 21/22 Tour 3 Division I continues to offer great entertainment as none of the teams have yet to secure a place in the Arlington Major. There are some important games coming up in week five for Royal Never Give Up and if they come away unscathed, they are likely to be China's first representative.

RNG's first opponent is another title contender, Xtreme Gaming. Their second game is against PSG.LGD, and this could be the game that decides PSG.LGD's fate. They have disappointed their fans so far and this is most likely their last chance. If they want to compete in the major in Texas, they will have to take down a titan.

Week 4 recap

After the postponement of EHOME vs Aries, the fourth week of DPC China started with Xtreme vs Dandelion Esport Club. Xtreme showed their strength against a weaker opponent, winning 2-0 in two 40-minute matches.

DEC played its second match of the week against  Vici Gaming. In the first game, DEC pulled off an unexpected surprise by defeating VC 33-26 in 40 minutes, but that only gave Vici a boost as they tied the game 33-14 in 30 minutes and finished the job without any mercy by downing DEC in 18 minutes.

On the final day of the week, RNG played Team Aster first. Royal Never Give Up proved once again that they are one of the best in China by beating such a strong opponent 2-0. The first game was a quick one, but RNG actually trailed and secured the win 20-24. Aster played the second game even better and took it to the 50-minute mark, but RNG won it 19-17 to end the series.

PSG.LGD blew one of its two chances to make it to the Arlington Major against Xtreme Gaming. It was not even close, and that's the sad part for PSG fans. Xtreme won the first game 31-9 to start with a lead. PSG.LGD put up more of a fight in the second game, but it was not enough. XG turned the 39-26 advantage into a 45-minute win and went home with another 2-0.

EHOME and Aster.Aries still play this important game that could decide which team gets relegated. After two incredible games, the score is 1-1. You can watch this series live on Luckbox to find out which team will take the advantage and stay in Division I. Plus, you can sign up now and find live odds to bet on after claiming your 100% bonus.

Week 5 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule below:

July 5, Tuesday
Vici Gaming (1.28) vs Aster.Aries (3.30) - 09:00 CEST
Team Aster (2.10) vs Xtreme Gaming (1.65) - 12:00 CEST

July 8, Friday
Royal Never Give Up (1.95) vs Xtreme Gaming (1.78) - 09:00 CEST

July 10, Sunday
EHOME (1.62) vs Dandelion Esport Club (2.15) - 09:00 CEST
PSG.LGD (1.70) vs Royal Never Give Up (2.05) - 12:00 CEST

Not only is the race for the Arlington Major hot, but the relegation places are likely to be decided after this week. EHOME will play DEC for a second chance on Sunday. RNG will take on Xtreme to break the tie after Xtreme plays Team Aster on Tuesday to secure a better spot.

As mentioned earlier, this is the last chance for PSG.LGD to reach Arlington Major. They have a small chance to draw level with Vici Gaming and Team Aster, but their opponent is a giant: RNG.