DPC Asia: Week one update, schedule and betting odds

The Dota Pro Circuit Asia competition recently got underway for tour 3. From PSG.LGD to Fnatic, sixteen teams from two different regions, China and Southeast Asia, are battling it out for tickets to the Arlington Major. Let's take a look at last week's events and next week's matches.

Two teams played twice in both regions last week, Nigma Galaxy SEA won one of them in the Southeast Asian competition and Polaris went without a win. PSG.LGD and Dandelion Esport Club also lost one of their two matches in the Chinese league. Below are the highlights from both regions.

DPC China Week 1

The DPC CN 2021/22 Tour 3 Division 1 started with Team Aster against Aster.Aries. Team Aster easily won against their sister branch, with the series lasting about an hour in total.

The second match of the day was PSG.LGD vs. EHOME. The International 10 runners-up started off with a quick win, but EHOME shocked them by completing the reverse sweep and taking a win away from PSG.LGD.

Dandelion Esport Club got off to a good start after beating Royal Never Give Up 2-0. The second game lasted 53 minutes but it was not enough for RNG to stop DEC.

In their second match of the week, Dandelion Esport Club got off to another good start and took the lead against PSG.LGD. However, PSG.LGD could not accept a 0-2 week as they reverse swept DEC and went home with a win.

The final match of the week was Vici Gaming against Xtreme Gaming. Xtreme crushed Vici in two fast-paced games, making them one of the winners of the first week.

DPC Southeast Asia Week 1

Talon Esports vs Polaris Esports opened the first week of DPC SEA, which turned out to be one of the most exciting weeks of the DPC so far. After three close games, Talon Esports walked away with a win on their debut, but it was a series they will surely remember for a long time.

The second game of the day saw BOOM Esports take on Team SMG. A good start from BOOM was met with a 26-minute win from SMG. The decider was just as quick and BOOM took home the win.

The third day of the week witnessed a great match between Fnatic and Nigma Galaxy SEA. After three long games that lasted almost three hours including the breaks, Fnatic emerged victorious. However, the series was so close that they may not be completely satisfied with the result after all.

NGX SEA played its second game against Polaris Esports. Polaris once again managed to force their opponent to take a loss, but ultimately lost the series 2-1.

Finally, T1 played RSG to close out the week. After the first game which lasted almost an hour where RSG won, it looked like they might end it quickly, but T1 responded with a strong game in the next. However, the fifth decider of the week went to RSG and they had no problems either.

DPC Asia schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the next week below:

June 14, Tuesday - China
Aster.Aries (5.80) vs Xtreme Gaming (1.10) - 09:00 CEST
Vici Gaming (3.30) vs Team Aster (1.28) - 12:00 CEST

June 15, Wednesday - Southeast Asia
Nigma Galaxy SEA (2.25) vs Talon Esports (1.55) - 09:00 CEST
Team SMG vs Polaris Esports  - 12:00 CEST

June 16, Thursday - Southeast Asia
T1 (1.28) vs Nigma Galaxy SEA (3.40) - 12:00 CEST

June 17, Friday - China
EHOME (2.15) vs Royal Never Give Up (1.62) - 09:00 CEST

June 18, Saturday - Southeast Asia
BOOM Esports (1.25) vs Talon Esports (3.50) - 09:00 CEST
Fnatic (1.25) vs RSG (4.00) - 12:00 CEST

June 19, Sunday - China
RNG (1.25) vs Aster.Aries (3.60) - 09:00 CEST
PSG.LGD (1.20) vs Vici Gaming (4.20) - 12:00 CEST

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