DPC Americas: Week 1 Update, Schedule & Betting Odds

The last tour of the DPC 2021-22 Season has begun. It is the last chance for teams to earn points in order to receive an invite to the International 2022.  The best of best from the NA and SA regions respectively are currently battling it out for a place at PGL Arlington Major 2022 in Texas that will be played in August.

Let's have a look at what happened in the first week of the Americas.

DPC NA 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division I (ESL One Summer 2022) Summary & Recap

# Teams Score
1. nouns 2-0
2. Quincy Crew 1-0
2. TSM 1-0
2. Wildcard Gaming 1-0
5. Evil Geniuses 0-1
5. felt 0-2
5. The Cut 0-1


It isn't every day that Dota 2 fans get intrigued by the North American scene. That is, until TeamSoloMid upended the existing quo by bringing NA into the spotlight. TSM came in second place in the Stockholm Major 2022, behind only team OG.

While many people thought OG's sudden surge in dominance was a fluke, TSM shouldn't feel like they received the short end of the stick. They were up against fierce veterans such as Johan "N0tail" Sundstein and Sébastien "Ceb" Debs, who had substituted for the major during their career.

TSM may be the first pick when it comes to the Dota Pro Circuit's Tour 3 standings, unarguably the best team in the NA right now, but the competition is fiercer than ever. They just won their first game against The Cut, which was expected of them anyway.

Quincy Crew and words are two North American prospects who have been overlooked in the wake of TSM and EG.

Quincy Crew, for starters, has a “fresh roster” of former members for their third season. While there's no disputing that Quincy Crew's most recent lineup fell short of their expectations, we're not sure if re-enlisting the original members is the best course of action. For the record, the original Quincy Crew team qualified for TI10, only to place 12th after two years of playing together.

Quincy Crew is presently looking like one of the strongest teams in North America, however they are still unsponsored. Unlike other powerhouses that are constantly shifting their roster, Quincy Crew stayed true to their roots and aims to achieve with their small squad once more.

They already have won against 5RATFORCESTAFF 2-0, and got off to a good start.

Then there are nouns, which are 4 Zoomers who have taken up a new name for themselves. Aside from that, nothing has changed, although one may presume that they now have more financial resources to continue their competitive career with a sponsor, which appears to have helped because they just defeated the Evil Geniuses 2-1. Money is a good motivator after all.

DPC SA 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division I Summary & Recap

# Teams Score
1. beastcoast 1-0
1. Infamous 1-0
1. SG esports 1-1
1. Tempest 1-0
1. Thunder Awaken 1-1
6. Hokori 0-1
6. Infinity 0-1
6. Wolf Team 0-1


After a statement year by South America last season, Thunder Awaken, Infamous, and Beastcoast all want to start the season on a positive note as the current strongest contenders of the region that may have a shot at Arlington Major, barring big surprises of course.

Despite their consistently poor performance, Miguel "Michael-" Angel Choque Gomez and Christian "Accel" Cruz have been retained by Infamous since 2020. This suggests the support combo has a lot of potential and all they needed was a change in their carry players.

Beastcoast, previously Infamous' TI9 lineup, is still a competent team despite being hailed as the most talented SA squad to date. Although some fans disagree when Beastcoast's TI10 journey ended in sixteenth place.

To begin with, Thunder Predator was never a serious challenger in the South African area, let alone the Internationals series. Their previous lineup lasted three years but only came in last place at TI10. Commitment gets a thumbs up, of course.

The superpower didn't hesitate to sign NoPing esports' line-up for the next season after their TI10 shock.

The agreement to sign NoPing's roster was most likely a steal, and we can presume that Thunder Awaken is already reaping the benefits of it. The name wasn't exactly original, though. In reality, before partnering with the laptop brand Acer Predator, it was their original moniker.

Thunder Awaken just renamed themselves once their contract expired. Considering the powerhouse's furious comeback, "Thunder Awaken" suits their rebellious motif for the next DPC 2021-22 Major.

Beastcoast and Infamous got off to a very good start with beating their opponents Infinity and Thunder Awaken 2-0 respectively.

Infamous’ statement shows that Thunder Awaken may be at a risk at the end of this season and this may be a two way battle between bc and Infamous to get the first place and seed into the ArlingtonJune 15, 2022 - 22:00 CEST Major.

DPC Americas Week 2 Schedule & Betting Odds

You can livestream the matches and live bet on luckbox.com. Current schedule and betting odds for the matches are as follows:

DPC NA week 2 matches

DPC SA week 2 matches

DPC Americas region is getting stronger by each passing year. 2022 might be the one that we may see an NA or SA team that will run up in The International with the ongoing shift of balance in Europe. Click below to sign up and type GLHF to claim your first deposit bonus!