DPC 2023 Week 3: The ones to watch

With the Chinese league on a break this week, there's something of a quieter calendar on the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) -  but there's still plenty to look forward to across the other leagues.

DPC 2023 week three match schedule

DPC WEU 2023 week three - The ones to watch

We've just wrapped up a fantastic second week over in the Western Europe tour, which saw Entity claiming a 2-1 victory over The International 2022 runners-up Team Secret - and there's plenty more to look forward to in week three.

One match to keep on your calendar is the January 23 match between Team Secret and Into the Breach, taking place at 5:00 PM GMT.

Team Secret (1.82) vs Into the Breach (1.88)

Team Secret have had an enormously difficult start to the 2023 DPC season - having failed to win a single match so far. Last week we saw the team losing 1-2 to Entity, before Tundra Esports claimed a decisive 2-0 win on January 20. It's a profound fall from grace for Secret, who ended 2022 on a great note, finishing in second place at The International last year. They surely can only be hoping to turn things around as we head into week three.

Into the Breach meanwhile have had a similarly rough start to the year, with just one win to their name - in their January 13 match against Nigma Galaxy. Week two saw the team lose to Tundra Esports (1-2), Team Liquid (0-2) and OG (0-2). While Into the Breach doesn't have quite the recent track record as Team Secret, having failed to qualify for The International last year, it's still hardly the most compelling start to the year.

With both teams having struggled so far this season, the odds are pretty close here, with either team standing a chance of claiming victory.

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DPC EEU 2023 week three - The ones to watch

Things have been similarly busy over on the Eastern Europe tour, where HellRaisers have had something of an excellent week - Claiming back to back victories against both Virtus.Pro and Natus Vincere (NAVI).

All eyes will be on HellRaisers to see if they can keep up their winning streak, as they're due to go up against Team Spirit at 2:00 PM GMT on January 24.

Team Spirit (1.42) vs HellRaisers (2.70)

Team Spirit have had an excellent start to the 2023, season, having won every single match this year to date - with last week's successes including 2-1 victories against both Nemiga Gaming and Darkside. It's a promising start to the year, following their disappointing performance at The International last year, where they ranked in 13th - 16th place. Still, their victory at the PGL Arlington Major 2022 shows that Team Spirit are absolutely not a team to be underestimated.

HellRaisers have a nearly spotless 2023 record themselves, with their only loss this year being against BetBoom Team on January 14. Still, their 2022 record isn't nearly as impressive as Team Spirit's - with HellRaisers not even participating in any Tier 1 events all of last year. While Team Spirit may have struggled at The International last year, HellRaisers haven't qualified for the tournament since 2017, where they placed in 17th - 18th place.

The odds are in Team Spirit's favour here, at 1.42 vs HellRaisers' 2.70 - Meaning Team Spirit's victory streak could set to continue.

The full match schedule for DPC EEU is available here.

DPC SA 2023 week three - The ones to watch

Our very own partner team Thunder Awaken had a lot to celebrate last week, with victories against both Infinity (2-0) and Infamous (2-1). .

Call us biased, but we think that's an excellent result - but they may be about to face their greatest challenge so far in 2023, as they're due to go up against Evil Geniuses at 8:00 PM GMT on January 24.

Thunder Awaken (4.40) vs Evil Geniuses (1.17)

Thunder Awaken have had a strong start to the year, having won almost every match so far - With their sole loss coming at the hands of Keyd Stars on January 15. It's a promising start for the new roster, which was unveiled in November last year, and seems to be off to an excellent start. They have big shoes to fill, with Thunder Awaken's previous roster having claimed a 5th - 6th placement at last year's The International. Still, early signs are looking hopeful that Thunder Awaken is due to have another incredible year.

But they'll face steep competition with Evil Geniuses. After a relatively middling Tier 1 performance last year, Evil Geniuses is boasting a new roster of their own - and they've had an excellent start. The new roster has won every single match so far this year, having already faced off against the likes of Ravens and Keyd Stars. Evil Geniuses' new lineup had an excellent debut in 2022 as well, when the team were crowned the champions of BTS Pro Series Season 13: Americas, where they defeated TSM in the grand final.

The odds are therefore in Evil Geniuses favour here, at 1.17 vs Thunder Awaken's 4.40.

The full match schedule for DPC SA is available here. And remember to sign up for your free account and follow along with the action right here on Luckbox!

DPC NA 2023 week three - The ones to watch

That brings us to the North America tour, where TSM have just closed out another fantastic week for the team, having defeated both nouns (2-1) and 5RATFORCESTAFF (2-0).

That winning streak looks likely to continue, with the team due to go up against ALPHA on January 23 at 11:00 PM GMT.

TSM (1.03) vs ALPHA (9.00)

TSM may have ended 2022 on the dour note of 19th - 20th placement at The International, they've been on an absolute tear so far this year. The team is entering week three with an uncontested win record, having dominated almost every match they've played - with only nouns being able to win a single game against them, for a final score of 2-1 to TSM. The organisation's Dota 2 team is only in their second year, but they're already making a name for themselves on the Dota 2 scene.

ALPHA meanwhile will absolutely have their work cut out for them against TSM. While TSM has won every match of the season so far, ALPHA has done the opposite - and has lost against every opponent they've faced this year. In fact, ALPHA has yet to win even a single game, having finished every match with a score of 0-2. Much like TSM, ALPHA also launched their Dota 2 team last year - but they've had significantly less success so far.

As such, TSM are heavily favoured to win here - with odds of 1.03 vs ALPHA's 9.00.

The full DPC NA schedule is available here.

DPC SEA 2023 week three - The ones to watch

And finally, that brings us to the Southeast Asia tour - which has seen Filipino team Execration close out a strong week, with victories against both BOOM Esports (2-0) and Blacklist International (2-0).

And they're look likely to be going onto further success in their January 25 match against Fnatic, taking place at 11:00 AM GMT.

Execration (1.22) vs Fnatic (3.80)

Execration have had a strong 2023 season so far, with a nearly uncontested win record so far. The team has only lost once so far this year, having fallen to the recently-rebranded Geek Slate in a 0-2 on January 18. It's a promising start, coming after the team closed out 2022 by winning BTS Pro Series Season 13: Southeast Asia. They had yet more strong results last year too, having won the third SEA tour last year, and placed second in both BTS Pro Series Season 12: Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific Predator League 2022.

Fnatic meanwhile have struggled considerably this year - without a single win to their name so far. It's a disappointing start for Fnatic, who otherwise performed reasonably well last year - they won the second DPC SEA tour last year, though later disappointed with a 13th - 16th placement at The International. The team changed their roster with the addition of Kim "Gabbi" Santos and Damien "kpii" Chok - but it has yet to yield results so far.

Execration are favoured to win here, with odds of 1.22 vs Fnatic's 3.80.

The full DPC SEA schedule is available here.

The 2023 season is well underway, as we count down the days to the Winter Major, taking place in Lima, Peru from February 24 through to March 5. You can follow along with each and every match right here on Luckbox - just be sure to claim your free 100% bonus!