DPC 2023 Week 2: The ones to watch

It's time for another week of the DPC 2023 season - We've already had some incredible matches across each of Dota's leagues, and there's plenty to look forward to as we count down the days to the Winter Major.

DPC 2023 week two match schedule

DPC CN 2023 week three - The ones to watch

DPC CN was the first to kick off the new year for Dota 2, with the Chinese league treating fans to their second full week of matches last week.

Superstar team PSG.LGD started off the week on the backfoot, after a surprise 0-2 loss to Knights in their match taking place on January 10. It was an astounding upset, with PSG.LGD having been expected to claim an easy victory.

Still, PSG.LGD came back strong, showing why they're such a dominant force on the Chinese scene70 by claiming a 2-1 victory against EHOME on January 12, and a further 2-1 win against Invictus Gaming on January 15.

We have a quiet week ahead of us for the Chinese league, with just two matches on the schedule.

Xtreme Gaming (1.02) vs Dawn Gaming (10.00)

One of those two matches will see a seemingly one-sided face-off between Xtreme Gaming and Dawn Gaming, taking place at 8:00 AM GMT on January 17. Xtreme Gaming had something of a mixed performance last week - starting off with a promising 2-0 win against EHOME on January 10, but later saw a 1-2 loss against Knights on January 15.

Dawn meanwhile played just one game last week - against Team Aster, which they lost 0-2. And this week's match hardly seems promising for them either - Xtreme Gaming are heavily favoured to win here, with odds of 1.02 vs Dawn Gaming's 10.00. They'll have to pull off a spectacular upset to walk away the victors here.

DPC WEU 2023 week two - The ones to watch

It's only week two over in the Western Europe tour, which kicked off on January 9. The opening week of this year's tour saw the likes of Team Liquid claiming a decisive 2-0 victory over Tundra Esports, while Team Secret saw a 0-2 loss to OG.

And unlike the Chinese league, there's a full week ahead of us in Western Europe. There's plenty to look forward to - including the January 18 match between Nigma Galaxy and Gaimin Gladiators, taking place at 8:00 AM GMT.

Nigma Galaxy (2.70) vs Gaimin Gladiators (1.40)

Gaimin Gladiators are coming into week two after a fantastic opening performance - winning both of their matches in DPC WEU 2023's opening week. They started out with a 2-1 victory over Entity on January 9, before claiming a 2-0 victory over Team Secret.

Nigma Galaxy meanwhile have just had a much more challenging week - they've yet to win a game this season, having lost to both Tundra Esports and Into the Breach last week. As such, Gaimin Gladiators are favoured to win here, with odds of 1.40 vs Nigma Galaxy's 2.70.

Team Secret (1.75) vs Entity (1.95)

There's a more evenly-matched game taking place earlier in the day - As Team Secret faces off against Entity at 2:00 PM GMT on January 18.

Team Secret will be coming into week two with something to prove, having lost all of their matches so far - to both OG and Gaimin Gladiators. It's a rough start to the season, after the team finished 2022 with a fantastic 2nd place position at The International 2022, where they lost to Tundra Esports in the grand final.

Their first chance to turn things around comes in this week's match against Entity, who have had a more promising start to the year. Despite losing to Gaimin Gladiators in their 2023 debut match, they later claimed victory against Into the Breach, earning a 2-0 victory on January 12.

Despite their rough start, Team Secret is still viewed as the favourite here - although it's looking like a close one. The odds are ever so slightly in their favour, at 1.75 vs Entity's 1.95, so this one could really go either way.

That's not all that's going on in DPC WEU, of course - The full match schedule is available right here. And remember to sign up to claim your free 100% bonus before jumping into the action.

DPC EEU week two - The ones to watch

Over in the Eastern Europe tour, PGL Arlington Major winners Team Spirit have had a strong start to the year, claiming back-to-back victories and cementing their position as one of the strongest teams in the region - despite their disappointing showing at The International 2022.

And we're about to see if they can keep up their winning streak, as they get ready to face off against Nemiga Gaming on January 19 at 2:00 PM GMT.

Nemiga Gaming (2.90) vs Team Spirit (1.35)

It's a rough matchup for Nemiga, who have had a rough start this year. They've lost both of their matches so far, against both HellRaisers and DarkSide, and their match on January 19 seems unlikely to reverse their fortunes. While we've certainly seen bigger upsets in recent Dota 2 history, Team Spirit are favoured to win here - with odds of 1.35 vs Nemiga Gaming's 2.90.

If you're looking for a more unpredictable match, then the January 21 face off between Natus Vincere (NAVI) and HellRaisers is likely your best choice.

NAVI (1.92) vs HellRaisers (1.78)

NAVI had a rough time last week - with three matches under their belt already this season, but only one victory so far. It was a tough start to the tour, opening with back-to-back losses against both DarkSide and Team Spirit, with defeats of 1-2 for both. They turned their fortunes around a little over the weekend, as they won their January 15 match against One Move with a final score of 2-1.

HellRaisers also had three matches last week, but had remarkably more success. Despite their 0-2 loss to BetBoom Team on January 14, they've had a strong start to the year. They claimed a 2-1 victory in their 2023 debut match against Nemiga on January 8, followed up shortly after with their January 12 victory against One Move, which they decisively won with a final score of 2-0 t.

It's looking to be a close one, but HellRaisers has the edge here - favoured to win with odds of 1.78 against NAVI's 1.92, but you'd be wise not to write off the Ukrainian organisation just yet.

The full list of DPC EEU matches is available here.

DPC SA week two - The ones to watch

Our very own partner team Thunder Awaken is back in action this week, and their January 17 match against Infinity is looking to be a real nail-biter.

Thunder Awaken (1.85) vs Infinity Esports (1.85)

Matches don't come much closer than this. Taking place at 8:00 PM on January 17, this closely-fought match is absolutely not one to miss. Thunder Awaken started off the season strong, claiming a decisive 2-0 victory Ravens in their debut match. They weren't so fortunate in their January 15 match against Keyd Stars however, with the Brazilian team claiming a 2-0 victory.

Infinity Esports meanwhile have mirrored that performance perfectly - having won their opening match with a 2-0 victory over Alliance.LATAM, before losing 0-2 to beastcoast on January 15.

With the two teams coming in evenly-matched, this one is looking impossible to predict. This match will be a must-watch for any fans of the South American league.

Speaking of Keyd Stars, we'll be seeing them on January 17 too - in a 5:00 PM GMT match against Alliance.LATAM.

Keyd Stars (2.90) vs Alliance.LATAM (1.35)

Keyd Stars may have claimed victory over Thunder Awaken - but they'll have their work cut out for them to repeat that success. Alliance.LATAM have the momentum behind them here, having just recently defeated Infamous with a 2-1 victory on January 15. It was a welcome result for the team, having lost their 2023 debut match against Infinity on January 10.

The odds are clearly in Alliance.LATAM's favour here - at 1.35 vs Keyd Stars' 2.90. Though time will tell if Keyd Stars have another upset win on their hands here.

And of course, we have the full match schedule for DPC SA right here. Whoever you choose to support this week, just remember you can do so with a free 100% bonus if you sign up now.

DPC NA 2023 week two - The ones to watch

We have another full week ahead of us in the North American tour - after TSM absolutely dominated in week one - refusing to concede even a single point, nevermind a full match. And it's a track record they're expected to continue into week two, as they're due to face off against nouns at 11:00 PM GMT on January 16.

TSM (1.35) vs nouns (2.90)

TSM are on fire right now, with two 2-0 victories under their belt already this season, against both Wildcard Gaming on January 9 and Thiuth Gaming on January 11. It's a fantastic start for TSM, who are celebrating their second year back on the Dota 2 competitive scene, and are apparently keen to make up for all their years away.

That isn't to say it's looking hopeless for nouns. They've had a strong start themselves, with 2-0 victories over both ALPHA and Thiuth Gaming. Still, the odds are in TSM's favour here, at 1.35 against noun's 2.90. There's plenty of room for an upset, but TSM seems favoured to continue their strong performance this season.

Our last DPC NA match of the week meanwhile will see a face-off between Thiuth Gaming and Wildcard Gaming, taking place at 2:00 AM GMT on January 22.

Thiuth Gaming (2.80) vs Wildcard Gaming (1.38)

Thiuth Gaming isn't having the best season so far, it has to be said. They've lost all three of their matches so far. Including their defeat at the hands of TSM, they also lost to Shopify Rebellion on January 9 and nouns on January 14. While they may be the victim of some pretty tough matchups, this doesn't look likely to change on January 22.

Thiuth and Wildcard may be united by their recent losses to TSM - but Wildcard do at least have a win to their name this season, having defeated B8 on January 13. And while that victory was followed up the very next day by a 2-0 loss to Shopify Rebellion, they still have the edge here, and are favoured to win with  odds of 1.38 vs Thiuth's 2.80.

You can see the full schedule for this week's DPC NA matches right here.

DPC SEA 2023 week two - The ones to watch

And finally, that brings us around to the Southeast Asia tour - where the recently-rebranded Geek Slate have had an excellent start. The team formerly known as Geek Fam have two wins to their name so far, against Fnatic on January 9 and more recently beat BOOM Esports with a score of 2-1 on January 13.

It was a disappointing result for BOOM, rounding off a difficult week for the team, coming just days after their upset loss to Talon Esports. They've already had a difficult start to week two as well - losing to Execration on January 16. So the pressure is clearly on them to turn things around - with their next match taking place at 11:00 AM GMT on January 18 against Bleed Esports.

Bleed Esports (2.05) vs BOOM Esports (1.68)

And it's finally looking hopeful for BOOM - with the odds in their favour in this match. That's in spite of Bleed having more to celebrate so far this season, with wins against both Fnatic and Team SMG, with just a January 9 loss to Blacklist International to blight what is otherwise a promising start.

Still, BOOM are coming into this as the slight favourites, with odds of 1.68 vs Bleed's 2.05. Still, BOOM has lost to underdog teams already this season, so fingers crossed that they can hold it together this week.

You can see the full list of DPC SEA matches this week right here - and remember to sign up now to claim your free 100% bonus.