DPC 2021-2022 South America 4th Week Update: Schedule and betting odds

The fourth week of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-2022 South America with the most games has come to an end. Some teams did their best to win against their rivals even though they had no chance, and the other strong teams had no intention of losing.

Here is the match schedule of week 4:

Date Team 1 Result Team 2
January 6 bc 2-0 NoPing
January 7 TP 2-0 APUKoK
January 7 bc 1-2 INF.U
January 9 Lava ?-? NoPing
January 9 HKR ?-? SG


beastcoast won against NoPing Esports without any surprise, but that was not the case in their match on January 7 against Infamous U.Esports where the latter surprisingly managed to sneak in a win. The winner of the first round was bc, but INF.U made an amazing comeback and surprised everyone.

Last two games of week 4

Another strong team in South America Division I was Thunder Predator, who managed to score more points on their way to the Majors.

Now there are two games left to be played at the end of Week 4 and it looks like they will light the fire of the league very strongly:

Lava vs NoPing Esports: January 9,2022: 21.00 CET
Hokori vs SG Esports: January 9,2022: 00.00 CET

As we mentioned above, NoPing Esports has done the impossible and beaten its undefeated rival beastcoast. Such situations are rare and there is a small chance for NoPing Esports against Lava.

Lava has betting odds of 1.62 and it seems like they will win every round. Lava has not played a tournament match in a long time and because of the Beastcoast match, they can better prepare for their tired rival NoPing. Good luck!

The second match of the day is between Hokori and SG Esports. Both teams have not played since last week, while Lava has one win and one loss from last week and SG Esports has yet to get a win.

Moreover, they failed to win any of the matches they played and thus their betting odds are 3.40. Hokori is expected to take a clear win with betting odds of 1.28 and increase their chance to reach the next level, the Majors.

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