DPC 2021-2022 NA/SA last week: Schedule and betting odds

As we come to the final week of DPC 2021/2022, the excitement remains thanks to the flaming competition between teams. Let us take a quick look at the final week of matches in North and South America.

DPC North America - Last week schedule:

Here is the last matches of DPC North America:

January 5, 2022 - 21.00 CET
Arkosh Gaming vs Simply TOOBASED: January 5, 2022 - 00.00 CET
Evil Geniuses vs 4Zoomers: January 8, 2022 - 21.00 CET
Quincy Crew vs Team Undying: January 8, 2022 - 00.00 CET

Week 4 kicked off with undefeated Team Undying beating 4Zoomers 2-0, tying them with Quincy Crew for first place in the group.

Two matches await on January 5th: Wildcard Gaming against Black N Yellow and Arkosh Gaming against Simply TOOBASED. Wildcard Gaming's win against Black N Yellow is to be expected, as WG has two wins under its belt since a fortnight ago and Black N Yellow's performance is lacking compared to its rival.

Another team of the tournament, Simply TOOBASED, failed to secure a win. Even though Arkosh Gaming's record is not good, they managed to win their first match against Black N Yellow last week and it is more likely that they will win this match as well.

Credit: Valve

When the calendar shows January 8th, a bloody day will be in store. The matches between Evil Geniuses vs 4Zoomers and Quincy Crew vs Team Undying will tell us which teams will advance to the next stage of the tournament.

If you compare Evil Geniuses and 4Zoomers, they are tied in the standings, with the latter being 5-5 in the game and the former being 5-4. Even though both teams are at par, they will do their best to stay at the highest level. The betting odds show Evil Geniuses as favourites to win.

The most competitive and toughest match of the week will be between Quincy Crew and Team Undying. Both teams have 4 wins each and remain undefeated, but which team will maintain the record? While Team Undying have yet to suffer a single defeat, Quincy Crew have suffered 2 defeats, one in their match against 4Zoomers and the other against Wildcard Gaming. Team Undying is going in as the likely winner according to the betting odds.

DPC South America - Last week schedule:

The matches of the last week of DPC South America will be followed by:

beastcoast vs NoPing Esports: January 6, 2022: 00.00 CET
Thunder Predator vs APU Kings of Kings: January 7, 2022: 21.00 CET
beastcoast vs INF.UESPORTS: January 7, 2022: 00.00 CET
Lava vs NoPing Esports: January 9, 2022: 21.00 CET
Hokori vs SG Esports: January 9, 2022: 00.00 CET

When we look up to the schedule, there are two matches of beastcoast that they need to play this week. Even though it looks like they will get tired from playing two matches in the same week, their undefeated situation shows that there is no arguing for a beastcoast win.

This will be followed by Thunder Predator vs APU King of Kings and again beastcoast vs INF.UESPORTS on January 7th.

Similar to beastcoast, Thunder Predator retains their  unbeaten title and the betting odds say there is no need to worry about TP victory against APUKoK.

In the second match of the week, beastcoast will once again go in as favourites against INF.UESPORTS. Without suffering even a single defeat in the first round, beastcoast is very likely to win.

Credit: Valve

The final matches of DPC South America 2021/2022 will be played between Lava-NoPing Esports and Hokori-SG Esports.

These matches are not high profile as the form of the teams is far from good. While Lava's win against NoPing is expected by people, Hokori will not surprise us with a win against SG Esports.

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