WePlay! Bukovel announced as first Dota 2 minor in 2020

Although the first round of the DPC Qualifiers is yet to be done, the organiser for the next Minor of the season takes no time to waste.

WePlay! announced they it be hosting the first DPC event in the upcoming year 2020 with the WePlay! Bukovel Minor, which will be held from January 9th to 12th, 2020 in the ski resorts of Bukovel, Ukraine. The event will have a $300,000 USD prize pool and 660 DPC points for the grabs between eight qualified teams.

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Event Details

WePlay! Bukovel Minor
Organiser: WePlay!
Series: WePlay
Dates: January 9-12, 2020
Location: Bukovel, Ukraine
Venue: Bukovel Ski Resort
DPC Status: Minor
Prizepool: $300,000 USD
DPC Points: 660 points
Participants: Eight teams
Qualifiers: December 1-6, 2019

Prize Distribution
1st: $72,000 USD - 140 DPC points
2nd: $60,000 USD - 120 DPC points
3rd: $54,000 USD - 110 DPC points
4th: $42,000 USD - 90 DPC points
5-6th: $24,000 USD - 60 DPC points
7-8th: $12,000 USD - 40 DPC points

Qualifiers & tournament format

WePlay! Bukovel Minor qualifiers will be held from December 1st to December 6th, 2019, in conjunction with the first upcoming DPC Major qualifiers following Valve's decision to combine the two qualifiers. 8 teams that qualified through Phase 3 of the qualifiers will get to participate in the LAN event in November, with at least 1 team from each of the 6 qualifier regions. The distribution of the remaining 2 slots will be decided by Valve.

As per the DPC guidelines, Minor events will consist of group stage and playoffs. The 8 teams will be split into 2 groups and play in a Bo3 GSL format, and the Top 2 teams from each group will advance to the Playoffs while the rest will be eliminated. Playoffs will be a Bo3 Double Elimination bracket with all advancing teams starting in the Upper Bracket, and the Grand Finals will be a Bo5 with the winner also qualifying for the final slot of the following Major.

An overview of WePlay!

WePlay! is a tournament organizer based on Ukraine who have been organizing Dota 2 tournaments since as far as 2013, with other titles they have worked with including League of Legends, World of Tanks, and recently, CS:GO.

With tournaments spanning over the course of six years, WePlay! tournaments are popular across Europe, especially CIS, with the most popular ones being the Tug of War and the Madness series. WePlay! also have successfully organized tournaments that encompasses other continents like Asia, North America and South America.

However, WePlay!'s event portfolio has been almost exclusively Online tournaments. The last time, and the only time, that WePlay! held a LAN tournament was in 2016, the WePlay Dota 2 League Season 3 in Kiev. With a LAN event having much more logistical challenges, WePlay! will face a more difficult task than their usual this time.

Also, the choice of venue for their first DPC event, Bukovel, adds an extra layer of snow to the challenge.

Bukovel is a popular ski resort city in the Ukrainian side of the Carpathian Mountains, with their ski resorts being the largest in Eastern Europe. However, its unconventional location would mean all sorts of extra problems that they would have to face, with the conveniences of organizing an event in a major city unavailable.

Although, if WePlay! manage to pull the event off successfully, then this event would be recognized and appreciated as one of the standout events of the year, with its unique venue, production, and content. This would also lay out an important milestone on the company's goal to focus on full-scale Tier 1 events by producing a standout DPC event.

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Picture: Антон Алексеенко under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.