Luckbox community Dota 2 game report: PBR v Strassendota e.V

The Luckbox community united to cheer on three of its members as they played in a joinDota league match on Sunday. Jaster, Onehitermn and Sir Legend, who became friends in the Luckbox Discord server, were in action for Pretty Boxes Reformed and faced a team including high-profile streamers VITALIC and Miss Snowfox. It was a brave effort from the PBR boys, but Strassendota e.V proved too strong, taking the series 2-0. Fellow community member Riley reports on the match

A bright start

In game one, good rotations in mid lane allowed PBR’s Templar Assassins to control the lane and to have the highest net worth for most of the game.

PBR were able to punish their opponents' mistakes, countering in team fights and forcing Strassendota to buy back on multiple occasions.

The turning point

But then things starting go wrong. PBR tried to kill Roshan but got trapped by Strassendota who just bought back and managed to land a Black Hole on several of PBR's heroes.

From there on, it was going to be difficult for PBR as Strassendota were too powerful. Although PBR fought back on occasions (Monkey King catch during Strassendota’s retreat), they never could prevent the unavoidable at this point and Strassendota took game one 38-17.


An uphill struggle

Game two was even more difficult for PBR. While they drafted more aggressively, Strassendota could take advantage of more crowd control and nukes. Their relentless aggressiveness thorough the game did not allow PBR to breathe.

Onehitrmn aka FollowWartrick’s Morph was doing well until Willow’s crowd control catches him too.

PBR's attempt at Willow as a consequence did not go well and led them into a three-man Arena of Blood that spelled disaster for Pretty Boxes Reformed, sealing a premature end to the game with a 35-8 defeat.

Giveway winnner

Pretty Boxes' Jaster invited fellow members of the Luckbox community to guess the correct number of kills from team PBR for the chance to grab a prize, with @ash#8696 winning an arcana of his choice.

Play Dota2 and talk with Pretty Boxes Reformed

Pretty Boxes Reformed are back to the hard work in training ahead of their next fixture but they still find time to chat in our Discord server. Come on in, say hello and maybe you will find your next Dota 2 team-mates.