Dota Summit 12: Schedule, betting odds and standings

Dota Summit 12 has given six teams the chance to warm up for ESL One Los Angeles with a $150,000 tournament in LA.

The Dota Summit 12 schedule starts with best-of-two matches in a round-robin format, with the top four teams going through to the playoffs.

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Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, OG Seed, Team Liquid and Thunder Predator are the teams in action at Dota Summit 12.

It takes place from Tuesday, March 10, to Friday March 13 - group games on March 10 and 11, with playoffs on March 12 and 13.

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The schedule is set

The Dota Summit 12 schedule with live streams and betting odds:

Day one results

Fnatic 2-0 Team Liquid
Fnatic 2-0 C9
EG 1-1 OG.Seed
Liquid 2-0 C9
OG.Seed 1-1 Thunder Predator
Liquid 0-2 OG.Seed
EG 2-0 Thunder Predator
C9 0-2 Thunder Predator


Day two matches

Liquid vs EG
Fnatic vs OG.Seed
C9 v EG
Fnatic vs Thunder Predator
C9 vs OG.Seed
Liquid vs Thunder Predator
Fnatic vs EG

Dota Summit 12 standings

  1. Fnatic 2-0-0
  2. OG Seed 1-2-0
  3. Evil Geniuses 1-1-0
  4. Thunder Predator 1-1-1
  5. Team Liquid 1-0-2
  6. Cloud9 0-0-3