Nigma Galaxy EU: Time to flip the coin

Welcome to the Dota Pro Circuit: The Flop Show. In this series, we’ll take a proper (un)biased approach towards teams, particularly the well known ones, who are floundering their way in the regional leagues, contrary to their strong potential on-paper.

The first team to feature on our list is Nigma Galaxy (EU).

In a galaxy of their own

Fair to say, Nigma.EU is in a galaxy of their own, unaware of its surroundings. They are slowly biding their time in one of the most cut-throat Dota leagues in the world; DPC Western Europe.

Nigma’s results are as sloppy as they can get – totally opposite of the Nigma we saw at the Gamers Galaxy Dubai Invitational Series 2022 LAN tournament.

Shocker, right? It should be.

Only a miracle (no pun intended) can save them, if such a thing does exist in real life, from the bottomless pit of relegation to Division II.

Disappointing results

Nigma’s series have been painful to watch. Definitely not a treat to the eyes given their immense expertise in the game.

A team consisting of four The International winners minus one rookie, who’s not even a rookie anymore, not being able to keep up with the evolving pace of the game is a big drawdown.

Consisting of some of the best players and minds in the industry, they are falling prey to their indecisive jargons in-game. It’s like watching a bunch of newbies getting slaughtered by butchers, whereas it should be the other way round.

Not registering a single win in all the entire DPC season, except versus Team Secret, has got to be the tipping point.

Beasts on LAN, Timid Online

Nigma’s performance at Dubai Invitational was fantastic for a team that missed out on attending The International 10 as well as the first Dota 2 Regional League finals after the conclusion of DPC WEU 2021-2022 Division I Tour 1.

It seemed as if Nigma had turned over a new page in their book, looking to cement themselves back amongst the elite. But there isn’t always a happy ending, and Nigma won’t be experiencing that anytime soon.

If there ever was a “before” and “after” segment then Nigma would certainly occupy the pole position.

Time to be decisive

It’s time for Nigma to change things around and benching iLTW as of now seems like the first step.

They are but a shadow of their former, glorious self and that’s extremely demotivating to witness.

Nigma has been relegated to Division II, but there’s still hope for them to crawl back to Division I in the next tour, and going back to the lower league to tune their basics would be a good way to do so.

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