The Luckbox Podcast: Talking CSGO, Dota 2 and esports

The Luckbox Podcast is our esports podcast, which has featured guests including Redeye, Thorin, Michal Blicharz and Roman Dvoryankin, chatting about CSGO, Dota 2 and more.

Hosted by Sujoy Roy, our dedicated esports podcast is available on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts and, if you haven't been following, here's what you've missed.

23 - ESL One Mumbai 2019 Excitement

Before flying out to India for the Dota 2 event, host Redeye joined Sujoy to chat about the first large-scale international esports tournament in the country.

Redeye was hoping to find some great places to eat, while Sujoy promised ESL One Mumbai will have a party atmosphere. Oh, and they were looking forward to some top-quality Dota 2, of course.

22 - StarLadder CSGO

Redeye and Sujoy Roy discuss Starladder CSGO, as StarSeries & i-League Season 7 reaches the play-off stage. Sujoy and Paul Chaloner start the podcast by complaining about timezones but eventually settle into some Counter-Strike analysis.

21 - Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo Preview

Ahead of Blast Pro Series São Paulo, Redeye highlights what makes the series a smash with casual audiences, and how new CSGO host Sjokz will fare hosting this event in Brazil.

The Luckbox Podcast is an esports podcast focusing on Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and other games, hosted by Sujoy Roy and featuring regular guest Paul Chaloner.

20 - DreamLeague Season 11 reaches its climax

In this episode of the Luckbox podcast we preview the final weekend of the DreamLeague Season 11 Dota 2 Major in Stockholm. This podcast includes a preview of the final games, whether Liquid are down and out, the Chinese teams flying high in Sweden, Keen Gaming’s incredible run, Valve’s Dota Plus app with shard betting and Ana’s return to OG.

19 - DreamLeague 11 Dota 2 Major Preview

The DreamLeague Season 11 Dota 2 Major is about to start in Stockholm. Redeye and Sujoy Roy discuss the teams that will be playing for a large chunk of DPC points in Sweden, and the teams that didn't quite make it.

18 - WESG - Redeye's Rant

WESG has got Redeye ranting. Sujoy Roy and Paul Chaloner discuss WESG, including the controversial ruleset where teams can only take part if their players are from the same country.

17 - ESL One Katowice Roundup

Dota 2 discussion with Sujoy and Redeye as they recap the sensational ESL One Katowice tournament and pick out the teams that are performing best in the middle of this DPC season.

16 - IEM Katowice 2019 CSGO Special

IEM Katowice 2019: At the midpoint of the CSGO Major, Sujoy Roy and Tim Masters discuss IEM Katowice 2019. Who's looking hot and who might cause an upset? Find out in episode 16 of the Luckbox Podcast.

15 - Innovation in esports with ESL UK

Sujoy Roy talks to James Dean, MD of ESL UK about innovation in Esports and the role of Weavr - a consortium comprising ESL, York University, dock10, Cybula, Focal Point VR and Rewind that has won a £4m government grant to focus on the future of esports broadcasting.

14 - Chongqing Major Dota 2 Special

In a Dota 2 special edition of the Luckbox Podcast Sujoy, Redeye and KillerPigeon preview the Chongqing Major, including a recap of the Bucharest Minor, coverage of Miracle- missing the event and Fear making his return to professional Dota.

13 - Christmas Special

Sujoy and Redeye look back at 2018 in our Luckbox Christmas Special, and the biggest stories of the year in esports.

12 - Redeye on drama in Dota

The esports legend and Luckbox ambassador dives deep into the week's controversies in Dota 2 esports, including the Skem and Kuku racism incidents, the disqualification of Test 123 from the South American Chongqing Major qualifier and the chaos left behind after the 7.20 patch.

11 - Thorin on coping with controversy

Special guest Duncan Shields - AKA Thorin - chats to Sujoy Roy about toxicity in esports, coping with controversy, Ninja and the need for role models.

10 - The Kuala Lumpur Major

Dota commentator Darren Elmy - AKA KillerPigeon - joins Sujoy Roy to chat about all things Dota 2, including The Kuala Lumpur Major and how the DPC season is shaping up so far

9 - Esports integrity

ESIC's Esports Integrity Coalition's Commissioner Ian Smith talks about the importance of fairness, CSGO cheat forsaken, and the future of ESIC within esports on this week's podcast.

8 - IEM Katowice

The man behind IEM Katowice, ESL's vice-president of pro gaming Michal Blicharz talks about the Polish city as an esports hubm the longevity of Counter-Strike and Black Ops 4.

7 - The past, present and future of

Sujoy Roy is joined by Paul "Redeye" Chaloner and Roman Dvoryankin, General Manager of to discuss CSGO, Dota 2 and more.

6 - CSGO podcast special

Sujoy Roy is joined by Luckbox's Head of Esports Content, Tim Masters, and CSGO writer Aleksei Louchnikov in our dedicated CSGO podcast.

5 - Security at events

Redeye and Sujoy discuss security at esports events after the shooting in Jacksonville.

4 - OG's fairytale at TI8

Dota 2 podcast: Sujoy and Redeye shrug off jet lag to discuss their favourite moments from The International 2018, OG's fairytale victory, MVP shouts and reveal the winner of the Luckbox Play of the Day contest.

3 - Esports betting done right

Lee Hills, the director of licensing and regulatory affairs at Luckbox, discusses legal esports betting after Luckbox becomes first crypto-supported esports betting platform to be awarded a top-tier licence.

2 - Redeye's epic rant

Sujoy Roy and Paul Chaloner discuss UK esports, Overwatch and Redeye rants about "pompous" Olympic officials for their view on esports.

1 - The debut

Sujoy Roy is joined by Redeye for the first episode of The Luckbox Podcast, discussing hot topics in esports.

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