Dota 2 TI8 Short Film Contest 2018: Watch all the entries in the frame

The fan interaction between Dota 2 and the casual audience is famous in esports, for a variety of reasons.

The main reason is obviously more than $20m in prize money and an event that you can use to sell esports to pretty much anyone, but there are other ways this frankly amazing community celebrates the jewel in their esports crown, and one of those is the TI8 Short Film Contest.

Each year, fans and filmmakers are invited to make a Dota-specific film to celebrate the game they love so much, and 2018 will see the winning entry take home a very sizeable sum of money too.

The rules are fairly simple, with entries no longer than 90 seconds that are related to Dota 2 accepted. According to the official side, entries can use ‘any form or combination of animation or live-action technique in their creation’, but because this is still a PC game each entry must be at least 1080p…

Last year’s event was won by Maxime Lebled, with the marvellous video below, and we’re curious to see if anyone can challenge their superiority with the French filmmaker having taken the last three titles.

Competition is sure to be stiff, but the quality of Lebled’s video from 2017 is plain to see, and it will take an inspired piece to knock the current ruler off their short video throne.

The deadline for submissions was August 7th, 2018, meaning today is a great time to run the rule over the videos and pick which one really spoke to you.

The videos will be reviewed by the Steam community, but the final say belongs solely to Valve, with the top entries featured in The International 2018 Battle Pass before a final vote by the Battle Pass community.

Just to add to the prestige, the winners will be announced at The International 2018, with first place also worth $25,000 to 1st place.

Second takes home a cool $10,000, while third gets $5,000, with the other seven selected submissions rewarded to the tune of $500 each. As you can see, this is no normal fan contest, and Valve are the kind of company famous for this level of interaction with the communities that have made them what they are today, that being extremely rich.

The official page for the competition can be found here, and a list of the entrants as well as links to vote for each can be found in this Reddit thread made by u/coronaria.

There is no shortage of quality in this year’s selection, and we’re sure you’ll find something to amuse or delight you amid the many different submissions.

Dota 2 short film contest 2018: Watch all the entries

never give up by zxc video group

Enchanted Roshan BUG by pro110walkman

Knight Trek - A Humble Journey by Anomidae

Öde Gabriel Musset by Gabriel Musset

It's a disastah! by W YX

Heroes of War by Mr.Meanor

Hunter by This Renbox

A Plush Story by Leo Guy

Creep Goes to the Secret Shop by Wormtongue

Mrs. Midas by flyingmoosedotorg

Further by Flappy Fix

Ogre magi by asylbekz

Meet The Void by Ificationer

Lanaya's Journey by 08341

Blue Girl by mh7557

SNATCHER! by Dopatwo

Wilesof the Wisp by MaxOfS2D

Best Friend by Totoro Rot

On The Cliff by KellerMax

GL HF by 4funprod

The Final 88 Seconds Of An 8-Hour Game by maxxysfm

Essence of Vengeance by TrungTH

Astral Imprisonment by w200me

A Day With Pudj bt D4magex