Dota 2 Outlanders update: What to expect and lessons from 7.22h

With the Outlanders update release on the way, Luckbox community member and top-1,000 rank Immortal player Onehitermn looks at what we can expect and analyses the current 7.22h patch

What is the Dota 2 Outlanders update release date?

Valve has said the Dota 2 Outlanders update will be released after the MDL Chengdu Major, which concludes on November 24th 2019. However, no specific date has yet been confirmed.

The Outlanders update will be the next gameplay patch and could see the introduction of two new heroes - Void Spirit and Snapfire, which Valve teased during TI9.


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What should we expect from Void Spirit?

The three spirits have always been good and kept up the mobility / gank / escape-based play but I feel this hero will be even greater than the other three spirits, with more potential to move around by teleporting / time and space ability.

It's also interesting to see which attribute Void Spirit will get since there's one of each kind. Since I think Snapfire is going to be an intelligence hero, I guess Void spirit will be an agility hero.

What to expect from Snapfire?

Something tells me she will be similar to Batrider, not only because her mount can make flames but something that makes her able to kill heroes at a very low level.

It could perhaps be like having flak canon and able to jumping towards the enemy, so they're not able to escape and will just die early. Also being able to move over hills.

Best Immortal meta heroes in 7.22h patch

The release of the 7.22h patch did some strange things to heroes at Immortal level. Here's my top 15, with the best three heroes in each position.

Position 1 / Safe lane

Faceless Void (#5) 50.74% win rate (WR)

The hero is currently the most-picked carry hero in this patch. The reason Faceless Void is currently one of the best and most stable carry heroes, is because he's able to construct the midas-into-maelstrom build, which makes him able to scale very well into late game. It's a very greedy build but somehow it just works perfect on Void, after completing Black King Bar or upgraded maelstrom to Mjolnir void has finally achieved his power spike.

Lifestealer (#34) 49.43% WR

It's popular to pick strength heroes in the offlane this patch. Lifestealer is very good against heroes with a lot of HP, while also having the speed to chase most heroes. Many players are also are also picking heroes with stuns to be able to secure bounty runes, which make Lifestealer's early spell immunity from rage very useful, since it's a free Black King Bar.

Gyrocopter (#40) 48.26% WR

Due to Gyrocopter's speed, he is able to catch up to his enemies and use his flak cannon to inflict a lot of damage very quickly. You will have a hard time playing against Gyrocopter with heroes such as Grimstroke, Lich or Ogre Magi on his side.

Position 2 / Mid lane

Outworld Devourer (#56) 47.08% WR

He will never run out of mana, so he will keep astraling you during the laning phase, the most effective astral in the laning phase is to secure last-hit and denies (do it when it's least unexpected, by feinting to right-click but instead astral him).


The hero is also pretty strong, since he mostly never runs out of mana, he can keep farming and his arcane orb has splash damage, also his ultimate adds a lot of damage by few percents of Amp.

Ember Spirit (#29) 45.74% WR

It's very hard to win a lane against Ember Spirit and a good player. There are a few heroes, such as Necrophos, Monkey King and Lina which cause Ember a lot of problems, then there's OD and Kunkka who should do pretty well against ember or at least be fine.

Overall, Necrophos is the best counter due to his heartstop aura that will remove Flame Guard very quickly and is mostly the source to Ember's power.

With the new Aghanim's Scepter, he will be able to move a lot faster to lanes, teamfights and be able to find kills and escape. That is one of the reason why the hero still works after getting the "not being able to Sleight of Fist while rooted" nerf.

Kunkka (#23) 47.65% WR

Kunkka is here due to flex pick (being able have many positions / lanes) and he's very good laning.

Position 3 / Offlane

Legion Commander (#8) 49.91% WR

The hero is very strong. With the movespeed changes, her early spikes strikes when she gets her phase boots. Another strength is being able to remove debuffs by cleanse/purge from her Press the Attack.

Leshrac (#86) 45.63% WR

The hero has such a fast movespeed and being able to secure the ranged creeps with his Earth Split is also an important attribute this hero has. During his level three to five, the hero is super strong and can run down heroes with his Diabolic Edict, which should be the first spell you max out.

Axe (#20) 50.87% WR

As a carry player myself this is one of my worst nightmares. If my position five isn't able to handle him while he's cutting wave and pulling the wave to the camps and efficiently farming, he will be able to be a big deal soon and coming to the safelane with either Vanguard or phase boots while diving me under towers.

Position 4 / Soft Support

Rubick (#14) 45.6% WR

Rubick has been picked a lot lately because of his passive "Arcane supremecy", which adds a lot Amp to his Fade Bolt, while also adding longer debuff duration for his Telekenisis. Getting an early spirit vessel will cause a lot of trouble for the enemy team.

Earthshaker (#6) 50.01% WR

The hero has been picked so much. People just max Aftershock at level 7 and and echo slam you, and there's nothing you can do about it.


But if people picks Earthshaker they typically has a Morphiling player on their team. Morph Aghanim's scepter makes him able to use Earthshaker's Totem upgraded by Aghanim's, which allows him to jump far. It also adds a lot of damage, as Morphiling has so much base damage and the cast range, which gives 600 range. The hero is basically broken.

Lina (#18) 45.92% WR

She has a very high base damage and long attack range that allows her to harass a lot during lane stage. She also has good spells enabling her to farm faster.

She will also be able to do so much damage because her aghs (which shouldn't be allowed for a position 4). But last but not least her passive "Fiery Soul" just make her able to right click and do so much damage, and you will have a hard time to get close to her if the enemy has an offlane hero with a stun. She can also be flex picked.

Position 5 / Hard Support

Keeper of the Light (#41) 51.84% WR

People don't skill his illuminate at early level anymore, they just run around and spam Blinding Light, giving Chakra to his team-mates. The worst thing is not being able to destroy his ultimate, Willow Wisp, so you have to try run out, which you can't because it makes enemies at it.

Crystal Maiden (#13) 51.59% WR

Her Crystal Nova is very annoying, while also inflicting 130 damage at level 1. She's able to give her team-mates more mana regeneration (when I play mid and see the enemy team has Arcane Aura, I always feel sad). Her ultimate Freezing Field is also very good against heroes like Juggernaut, Monkey king and Slark, since it's almost like mocking a carry hero if they can't kill a Support hero standing still "but just with 20-plus armor".

Ancient Apparation (#52) 50.82% WR

The rechange to his Chilling Touch makes the hero more enjoyable and annoying to play against. But the biggest question is how to deal with his ultimate? A lot heroes want to build satanic during to how good the item is with granting status resistance, but that makes the lifesteal part "useless".

Many heroes struggle against his Iceblast and it's just very uncomfortable to play against overall.

Pictures / screenshots: Valve