Dota 2 Outlanders reaction: Memes flood in after 7.23 patch

We knew the Outlanders update was set to be pretty big and Valve did not fail to deliver with some huge changes in Tuesday's release.

Patch 7.23 brought with it new heroes in Snapfire and Void Spirit, hero reworks, 62 neutral items, something special at level 30 and tons more. It's among the biggest updates in Dota 2 history and, in keeping with time-honoured tradition, the community were quick to share their thoughts.


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The Outlanders update comes on the eve of the next round of open qualifiers for the the DreamLeague Season 13 Major in 2020.

Redeye's reaction

Dota 2 broadcaster Redeye went for it with an entire thread dedicated to the Outlanders update...

Secret smile

Dave's definition

OG one step ahead as usual...

VP's time to study

Nahaz's supporting role

Love it or hate it?

On the Luckbox Twitter account, meanwhile, we've asked for your initial reaction in a quick poll:

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