Dota 2 fans react to Immortal Treasure 2 - and it's not pretty

Immortal Treasure 2 has finally been released and it seems many Dota 2 fans are a little underwhelmed.

After weeks of waiting the latest update to the record-breaking TI9 Battle Pass was released on Friday, July 5th, 2019 - or Saturday July 6th in some parts of the world.

Immortal Treasure 2 features cosmically rare item Overgrown Emblem, while the big talking point is The Apogee of the Guardian Flame for Ember Spirit being the ultra rare item.


Golden Rectifier and Golden Twilight Schism are the very rare items and Horns of the Betrayer is the rare item.

Regular items are: The Gates of Nothl, Rectifier, Fortune of the Five Houses, Chalice of Ix'yxa, Umbral Glyph and Twilight Schism.

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Riley's reaction

Luckbox community's resident Dota 2 buff, Riley, on Immortal Treasure 2:

"I'm pretty sure everyone thinks the Immortal Treasure 2 is pretty underwhelming, considering the community waited for two whole months for its release, which is the longest waiting time we ever had for Battle Pass treasure, for some mediocre immortals.

"The ultra rare - Apogee of the Guardian Flame - seems unjustified as an Ultra Rare- it's pretty good, but not Ultra Rare good. The only reason it's an Ultra Rare is probably because Ember is a top-tier pick right now, just like Drow (Treasure 1 ultra rare) being a top-tier pick in the meta earlier this year, otherwise it only deserves a Rare bonus status."

Spare a thought for Wykrhm

The hype for Immortal Treasure 2 was real but the reality is seemingly a bit of a dissapointment for many fans, who are already looking forward to the release of Immortal Treasure 3.

Spare a thought for Dota 2 community leader Wykrhm Reddy, who has faced weeks of questions about Immortal Treasure 2 release and, when the big moment finally arrives...



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