Dota 2 fans' surprise as Immortal Treasure 3 released ahead of TI9

The wait is over for Dota 2 fans as Immortal Treasure 3 for the TI9 Battle Pass was unexpectedly released by Valve.

Many Dota 2 fans hade been expecting to wait until closer to the start of The International 2019 - due to commence on August 15th - for the Immortal Treasure 3 release date.

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But Valve sprung a surprise and announced the release on Immortal Treasure 3 on August 6th 2019.

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After releasing the previous two treasure packs to suit North American Dota 2 fans, the official Dota 2 Twitter account said: "In an effort to maximize overall region balance, we decided to release the Immortal 3 treasure while North America is asleep."

Full details about Immortal Treasure 3 can be found in the official Dota 2 announcement.


Immortal Treasure 3 contents

Immorta Treasure 3 is available at levels 1, 140, 164, 178, 194, 206, 240 and every 30 levels thereafter, with bundles at 375 (x3) and 615 (x4).

Regular: Crucible of Rile (Axe, Head Slot), Maraxiform's Fate Bundle (Clinkz); Scythes of Sorrow (Terrorblade); Bloodmayne Avenger (Lycan, Head Slot); Progenitor's Bane (Mars); First of the Flood (Slardar, Back Slot)
Rare: 50 Battle Pass Levels
Vary Rare: Golden Crucible of Rile
Ultra Rare: Sullen Rampart (Necrophos)
Cosmically Rare: Overgrown Emblem

TI9 Battle Pass prices

  1. Standard: $9.99
  2. Level 50: $29.99
  3. Level 100: $44.99

TI9 prize pool boost

The Immortal Treasure 3 release will no doubt bring a final boost of sales to the TI9 Battle Pass, which is already the most successful in the history of Dota 2.

As is customary, Valve commits 25% of Battle Pass sales to the TI9 prize pool and, at the time of publishing that amount was $31,673,252.