Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 12 predictions and schedule

Dota 2's Dream League Season 12 is under way in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Luckbox community member and Immortal-level Dota 2 player Onehitermn has shared his predictions for the event

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DreamLeague Season 12 details

Schedule: October 18th to October 20th
Prize pool: $250,000
Teams: J.Storm, Alliance, Team Liquid, NIP, FlyToMoon, Demon Slayers.
Venue: Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands.
Format: BO3 round robin.
Live streams: DreamLeague Season 12 live streams

DreamLeague Season 12 Predictions - DAY 3

ALLIANCE VS Demon Slayers BO5 - 13:30 CEST

Demon Slayers has once done it again. They're able to stay in Dream league as they takes out NiP 2-1 today. It seems Demon Slayers fits to be Team Liquid more than Team Liquid (Ex-Alliance) themselves. They have mangage to done the Upper Bracket for b*tches - Miracle strat. The question is if they can beat the kings of dream league, Alliance. Since Alliance haven't had a single lost i feel very confident in them, also i believe this team is going to show more suprising results in the future.

Onehit Wonder Alliance to win vs Demon Slayers @1.14

NiP vs Demon Slayers - 10:30 CEST

NiP are going up against Demon Slayers again as they were playing back in Group stage Where, NiP managed to get a 2-0 victory.

Last game NiP played versus Demon Slayers Game 1 Duration took 68:30 min Even even though the score was 48-19 in favor of NiP. I still believe NiP are going to do this since they have PPD-Salt God that will outdraft the NA-Underdogs that managed to beat J.storm, and even Team Liquid 2-0.

Onehit Wonder NiP to win vs Demon Slayers @1.30

Winner: Demon Slayers (2-1)


Liquid vs FlyToMoon - 10:30am CEST

Both teams didn't live up to the expectations yesterday, as Liquid suprisngly lost to NiP 2-0, while FlyToMoon didn't have an amazing day and went 0-4 yesterday. I still believe Liquid isn't ready to leave Rotterdam.

Onehit Wonder: Liquid to win vs FlyToMoon @1.12x

Winner: Liquid (2-1)

Demon Slayers vs J.Storm - 13:30 CEST

J.storm has shown by their performance yesterday, that the team shouldn't be underestimated even though they lost Resolut1on. It was a big loss indeed, but now they're able to have a strong early game by picking heroes with early power spike which can lead to early momentum or they can pick a farm based hero for Moo. Demon Slayers did play well, as the games did go pretty late but they didn't manage to get a single win. They also got their new player Annihilate so they might lack some communcation since it's a recently change.

Onehit Wonder: J.storm to win vs Dragon Slayers @1.20x

Winner: Dragon Slayers (2-1)

Alliance vs NiP - 16:30 CEST

Both teams have performed very well, especially NiP with beating the new Team Liquid 2-0 and even stomping them. Alliance are definitely favored to win this tournament as they have shown complete dominance in these 4 games from day 1. We're also going to see one of the best offlaner in the history of Dota Saahil "Universe" Arora (can't tell for sure if he's still in the same league as back on EG) versus, one of the best offlaner in these days *Neta "33" Shapira *.

Onehit Wonder Alliance to win vs NiP @1.43x

Winner: Alliance (2-0)


Group A

Liquid vs NiP - 10.30am CEST

The new Liquid squad have been dominating in the european qualifiers for a long time. They have most of the times overperformed in the series they have played.
If we look at NiP, PPD has made a whole new stack with Skiter, Gunnar, Biver and finally one of PPD’s former teammates Universe. They have been playing very well, especially Universe and Gunnar for NiP. NiP’s playstyle is to play around Gunnar since he’s the one who’s likely to carry them.

Onehit wonder: Liquid to win vs NiP - watch live and bet now

Winner:NiP (2-0)

Picture: Copyright Adela Sznajder / ESL One

Demon Slayers vs Liquid- 1.30pm CEST

Demon Slayers are a NA team based on Costabile and Flee and three pub players. We might expect an empower strat from Demon Slayers since they have the Brazilian player Costabile and it’s almost a norm to pick magnus in SA. They might have a chance to upset one game but I can’t see them taking the series against Liquid.

Onehit wonder: Liquid to win vs Demon Slayers - watch live and bet now

Winner: Liquid (2-0)

NiP vs Demon Slayers - 4.30pm CEST

PPD is known as one of the best captains, but less so for his skills. He definitely knows how Demon Slayers are going play, since he has all the past experience from the time when he played for Evil Geniuses in NA. This game looks very one-sided.

Update: Annihilate! is going to standin for Demon Slayers, since their mid player "Ched" Left the team
Onehit wonder NiP to win vs Demon Slayers - watch live and bet now

Winner: NiP (2-0)

Group B

J.Storm vs Alliance - 10.30am CEST

The new Alliance have been playing very well and were also able to take a series (2-1) against Liquid in the Chengdu EU qualifiers. They have one of the best offlaners on their team in 33, which will cause trouble for J.storm if he has a free lane. Nikobaby has also proved he is one of the best carries in the world when he played for Mineski in TI9.

While on J.storm’s side Moo swapped to position one while they have Brax offlane since Resolution left the team to join Virtus Pro. They have done well recently since they were able to beat Quincy stack 2-0 in the Chengdu qualifiers. The problem is Moo isn’t a consistent carry and won’t be able to carry the team, even if he did get farm he needs as Resolut1on were able to do back then.

Onehit wonder: Alliance to win vs J.storm - watch live and bet now

Winner: Alliance (2-0)

FlyToMoon vs J.Storm - 1.30pm CEST

FlyToMoon had a lot of shuffles and, recently, iceberg rejoined the team. They won the DreamLeague qualifiers and now they’re here as the only CIS team. But the issue for the CIS stack is they’re against J.Storm with Demon aka Jimmy Ho as coach. Due to Jimmy Ho coaching J.Storm i feel it’s worth a shot to go J.Storm.

Onehit wonder: J.storm to win vs FlyToMoon - watch live and bet now

Winner: J.Storm (2-0)

Alliance vs FlyToMoon 4.30pm CEST

This match will probably be the best match of the day. In the midlane we have one of the best Swedish mid-players (if not already the best) in Limmp, versus one of the best CIS mid player, Iceberg. The midlane will probably play the biggest part of this series. I still believe this new Alliance can go even further, the stack is full of potential and is already a tier-one team.

Onehit wonder: Alliance to win vs FlyToMoon - watch live and bet now

Winner: Alliance (2-0)