Dota 2: DPC SEA Division I - Most Popular Heroes

DPC SEA Division I Tour 3 finished on a high note with things getting more exciting with each passing week. The competition was on fire and teams fought fiercely to secure a finish into the top 3 to qualify for the Arlington Major – the last Major before The International 11.

But to reach that point, every team must battle it out through their unique strategy, utilizing heroes as per their best knowledge. SEA is widely known for their weird picks. They also are huge fans of playing into the late game. Here’s a list of the most popular heroes in the DPC SEA Division I Tour 3:

Bane Elemental

Bane has four potent single-target skills that can derail any hero in the game, especially Brain Sap, Nightmare, and Fiend’s grip. Brain Sap allows Bane to deal hefty damage to the target, and simultaneously heal himself for the same amount. Nightmare is one of the better-utilized skills in pro games, and for good reason.

The ability can put a unit – enemy or ally – to sleep, and completely disable it. With Nightmare, a good Bane player can always set up fights or provide escape alternatives. Fiend’s Grip is one of the deadliest skills a player can have on a support hero. Bane channels Fiend’s Grip to completely disable the enemy target, draining its mana, and dealing serious damage over time.

26% pick rate and 64% win rate. Doesn’t get better than this.

Treant Protector

The protector of the forest, Treant Protector, is simply an amazing hero to play. He’s the perfect example of a hero who can be extremely supportive, evasive as well as passive-aggressive.

Treant has a high base strength that makes him quite tanky. Taking advantage of the same, he can be utilized aggressively with the combination of his skills, namely, Wall of Vines and Leeching seeds.

Both these skills slow down the enemy units and deal damage over time. Leeching seeds also extract a particular amount of life force from the enemy, dealing damage to them, and converting that life force into a form of healing for Treant and his allies, in a particular radius.

Treant also has a tremendous ultimate, Overgrowth, that fully immobilizes the enemy units piercing through magic immunity as well. Treant sits at a 32% pick rate and 59% win rate. If you are interested in watching more from pro players, check out Luckbox to find live streams of esports events. Sign up now to claim your 100% bonus before placing your bets.


Everyone’s crush Marci has made a surprising foray into the DPC SEA games.

Her abilities are unique and can be used to set up team fights that can be detrimental to the enemy. Marci is highly agile and a player with quick reflexes who can turn around the game in an instant, without having to worry about the aftermath.

She’s perfect to make use of, if executed effectively, and can create mayhem with her highly agile nature. Sitting at a 40% pick rate and 57% win rate, Marci makes for an ideal hero pick, according to SEA’s crazy strategies.