Dota 2: DPC SA Division I - Most Popular Heroes

DPC South America (SA) Division I Tour 3 has ended and things are heating up just in time for the Arlington Dota 2 Major 2022. Two teams: Thunder Awaken and beastcoast secured a finish into the top 2 to qualify for the Arlington Major – the last Major before The International 11.

But to reach that point, every team had to battle it out through their unique strategy, utilizing heroes as per their best knowledge. SA is widely known for its ultra-aggressive gameplay. They believe in the mantra; YOLO (You only live once). Here’s a list of the most popular heroes in the DPC SA Division I Tour 3:


Sitting at a low pick rate of 30% but an astonishing win rate of 69%, Beastmaster comfortably cements his place as one of the top heroes in the league. Utilized on the offlane, Beastmaster is extremely efficient when it comes to effectively using his abilities to push the lane and apply pressure on the opponents.

He is also extremely proficient at providing vision with his hawk and can become a secondary tank and frontline for the team. With proper itemization, he can create an exponential amount of space for his teammates to speed up their farm.


In earlier days, Clockwerk used to be played as an offlaner and he was damn good at it. But these days, he’s primarily played as the secondary support/roam. Sitting at a decent win rate of 67% with a pick rate of 34%, Clockwerk works around the clock to ensure his allies are finding their own pace in peace.

It’s extremely lethargic to play against him during the early phase where Clockwerk’s Battery Assault and Cogs prove to be a big nuisance that makes any hero prone to getting easily killed. His ultimate, Hookshot, provides allies with a much-needed initiation and is effective in zoning out a hero or getting the upper hand.

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41% pick rate and 67% win rate. Tiny is not so tiny after all. Tiny’s definition has changed to the hardcore role of carry hero. His base strength makes it difficult for the enemies to kill him during the early phase.

He is very efficient in farming, thanks to Tree Grab, which provides Tiny with the much needed tool to deal extra damage to creeps in addition to an already high base damage. He can wipe out squish heroes in a moment’s notice with Avalanche + Toss combo with ease and also set up team fights in his favour.

As the level increases, so does Tiny’s size, which makes him really durable and difficult to kill.