Dota 2 latest update 7.22 adds Aghanim’s Scepter to every hero

Fans have dubbed the Dota 2 latest patch - 7.22 - "the Aghanim’s Scepter Update".

The new Dota 2 change log released on Friday, May 24th, allows Aghanim’s Scepter upgrades to the 24 heros who previously had no access to it. As in Dota 1, heroes carrying an Aghs will have a visual effect under them.

In the 7.22 patch a six-slotted hero can now consume the Sceptre with a 2,000 gold and thereby turn it into a buff, similar to an Aghs gifted by an Alchemist. Secondary stat bonuses are not granted as a buff.

Finally, Roshan may now drop the consumable Aghs item and permanently buff a hero on your team. The third Roshan drops either Aghs buff or Refresher Shard. The fourth and beyond will always drop both.


According to Reddit’s r/dota2 some of the more bonkers updates include:

  • ALCHEMIST - With Scepter equipped or synthesized, you gain a bonus +30 Damage and +6% Spell Amp for each Scepter that you gave allies at any point in the game.
  • ARC WARDEN - Grants a new ability, Rune Forge. Creates a random Rune in front of you. Cooldown 60. The selection of Runes include Bounty Runes and Powerup Runes.
  • ANTI-MAGE - Mana Void kills now add +70 seconds to the highest cooldown ability on the enemy hero. Cooldown starts once the enemy respawns. Increases the stun duration by 1 second, if the target dies during this period it is still counted as a Mana Void kill.
  • TEMPLAR ASSASSIN - Grants you a new ability, Psionic Projection. Allows you to teleport to any Psionic Trap after a 2 second channel. Does not break Meld. Cooldown 30. Manacost 100. Detonates the psionic trap on arrival.

In an homage to Drogon, DK gets a fourth level to Elder Dragon Form, the Black Dragon. With Dota 2 returning to ESL One Birmingham next week, we’re all set for some 5th-pick Dragon Knights to set the crowd on edge.

Other changes in this patch include the return of Io and the addition of Mars to Captains Mode.