Does SumaiL have a new team? Ex-EG man joins brother's roster

Speculation is rife that former Evil Geniuses Dota 2 star SumaiL has found himself a new roster.

The 20-year-old left EG along with s4 on Monday in a post-TI9 shuffle that saw RAMZES and Abed take their place.

Fans have been pondering SumaiL's next move and a screenshot has emerged showing him playing pub in a new roster.

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SumaiL, who in August became the first player to record 1,000 kills at The International, is in fact still under contract with EG.

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One of them, YawaR, is SumaiL's brother, currently signed to Newbee.

UNiVeRsE won TI5 with SumaiL, SVG is former coach of EG and MSS is another Newbee player.

If that is indeed SumaiL's new team, the lineup would most likely be:

  1. YawaR - Yawar Hassan
  2. SumaiL - Syed Sumail Hassan
  3. UNiVeRsE - Saahil Arora
  4. MSS - Arif Anwar
  5. SVG - Avery Silverman

Time will tell

Of course, there is only so much one can read into a screenshot from a pub game but it is not unusual for pros to play together online before forming or being snapped up by professional orgs.

Watch this space.

Pictures: Copyright: Bart Oerbekke and Helena Kristiansson / ESL