LCS legend Goldenglue joins the new DSG roster

The lineup of Jeremy 'Disguised Toast' Wang's new League of Legends roster has reportedly been revealed.

Disguised Toast's League of Legends lineup

The content creator is a new face to League of Legends, having first announced an interest in joining the scene last week. His new team, Disguised (DSG), officially joined the North American Challengers League (NACL) on May 25.

That's according to a new Riot Games blog post, in which the League of Legends revealed the 10 teams who will be competing in the NACL for the 2023 Summer Split. Following the announcement, Disguised Toast Tweeted that he was "thrilled to be part of the LCS ecosystem and will be trying our best to bring some excitement to the scene."

And it seems that we have our first look at the new team's lineup - according to a report from esports journalist Sander Hove. According to Hove, DSG has reached verbal agreements with five players and one coach.

According to Hove, the Disguised League of Legends lineup consists of Aaron "FakeGod" Lee, Tomio "Tomio" Chan, Youngho "Young" Choi, Brandon "Meech" Choi, Tristan "Zeyzal" Stidam and coach Greyson "Goldenglue" Gilmer.

The team's coach, Goldenglue, is perhaps the most eye-catching member of the new squad. Goldenglue is a veteran of the LCS, with experience dating back to 2013. During his time as a player, Goldenglue spent time with the likes of Dignitas, Team Liquid, Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses.

He transitioned into coaching in 2020, and spent two years leading the 100 Thieves Challengers (formerly 100 Thieves Academy) roster.

He's quite the get for Disguised Toasts' first League of Legends team - though the content creator likely had a wide range of options for his new squad given the current state of the NACL.

The NACL has been the centre of controversy in the past two weeks, as a recent Riot Games rule change resulted in a number of organisations pulling out of the league. In response, a number of LCS players voted to stage a walkout in protest - which led to the LCS being delayed, with Riot Games threatening to cancel it outright.

And so it is unclear when we will be able to see DSG in action for the first time - but whenever it happens, you'll be able to watch it live here on Luckbox. To do so, just make sure you've claimed your free account before checking out our League of Legends match schedule.