Disguised Toast launches new NACL team

Content creator Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has followed up on his hints about launching a new League of Legends team, and has announced that he will be fielding a team in the North American Challengers League (NACL).

New team DSG joins the North American Challengers League

The news comes from a new Riot Games blog post, in which the League of Legends revealed the 10 teams who will be competing in the NACL for the 2023 Summer Split. Among a handful of new organisations in the League, fans quickly spotted the content creator's very own organisation Disguised (DSG).

In response to the announcement, Disguised Toast tweeted that he was "thrilled to be part of the LCS ecosystem" and that the organisation "will be trying our best to bring some excitement to the scene." Additionally, he light-heartedly noted that he was "buying an esports team again," a reference to the two teams he is currently fielding in fellow Riot Games title Valorant.

The content creator's League of Legends debut hardly comes as a surprise, with him having recently teased his interest in launching a team. Just days ago, Disguised Toast tweeted to ask his followers who the best available NA League of Legends player" is at the moment, adding that he was "thinking of starting a team."

It is currently not clear who he has signed for the team, however, as at the time of writing the lineup has yet to be revealed.

The new faces in the NACL are (at least partially) a result of some radical rule changes in the North American League. Riot Games recently ended the rule requiring LCS teams to field squads in the NACL - causing a number of organisations to ditch their rosters. This move has proven enormously controversial, with LCS  players reportedly debating a walkout in protest of the change.

We'll be seeing Disguised's League of Legends team in action for the first time on June 10, when the NACL is due to begin. You can follow along with that, and everything in League of Legends, via our League of Legends match schedule. And before you bet on League of Legends, make sure you've claimed your free 100% bonus!