Disguised Toast hints at a potential new NA LoL team

Content creator Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang is dropping hints that he may be launching another esports team, this time in the North American region of League of Legends.

Disguised Toast could be launching a North American League of Legends team

Should this come to pass, it wouldn't be Disguised Toast's first foray into esports. The content creator has previously launched two teams in fellow Riot Games title Valorant, including Disguised and Disguised GC.

And it seems as if he's considering stepping into another esports title, according to hints that Disguised Toast has been dropping on social media. He recently Tweeted asking his fans who the best available NA League of Legends player" is at the moment, adding that he was "thinking of starting a team."

So it seems fairly certain that these plans are at least under consideration - though it remains to be seen if they actually come to fruition.

But Disguised Toast won't be struggling for a lack of free spots in the North American League of Legends scene after a number of teams recently dropped their Challengers teams after a recent rule change from Riot Games. However, the content creator will be unable to join the LCS itself due to a lack of free spots - unless another organisation pulls out, as Counter Logic Gaming did earlier this year.

He won't be struggling to find any free players either. Riot Games' recent decision to end the rule requiring LCS teams to field rosters in the NACL has resulted in a number of organisations pulling out - thereby ditching their players and staff members. As such, there is a wealth of talent who would no doubt be willing to join a potential new team.

It's a time of radical change for the North American League of Legends scene - and with a number of bad headlines lately (including the departure of TSM and a potential player walkout), the region is due for some good news. So fans are no doubt crossing their fingers that this new team becomes a reality - and we'll be keeping you up to date here on Luckbox. And if you're looking to bet on League of Legends, remember to sign up before checking out our League of Legends match schedule.