Detailed stats of IEM Cologne 2022

IEM Cologne 2022, the latest tournament of IEM, has ended. While FaZe Clan fascinated the audience with its magnificent performance, many interesting statistics emerged.

Today we will take a detailed look at the statistics of IEM Cologne 2022 with you. Let's get started.

Players with the highest K/D ratio in IEM Cologne 2022

We don't see s1mple in leadership this time in the K/D ratio. Astralis' blameF leads in this statistic, playing with a K/D ratio of 1.41 in a total of 297 rounds. Just behind him is NAVI’s s1mple playing with 1.38 K/D ratio in 408 rounds. ZywOo from Vitality also showed a great performance with a K/D ratio of 1.37 in 226 rounds and is in third place. These three players are followed by SunPayus, ropz, oSee and broky.

  • blameF - 1.41
  • s1mple - 1.38
  • ZywOo - 1.37
  • SunPayus - 1.28
  • ropz - 1.23
  • oSee - 1.23
  • broky - 1.23

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Players who dominated IEM Cologne 2022 with their kills

When we look at the kill numbers of players, the name in the leadership seat is not surprising. S1mple is in first place with exactly 343 kills. Liquid's EliGE follows s1mple with 311 kills, while s1mple's teammate electroNic follows him with 295 kills. Team Liquid's oSee and NAF are the other two names in the top five.

  • s1mple - 343
  • EliGE - 311
  • electroNic - 295
  • oSee - 283
  • NAF - 275

Hidden heroes who lead their teams to success with their assists

Players may not be able to reduce their opponent's HP to 0 sometimes. Still, they can led their team to success with their assists. EliGE is one of the players who experienced this the most in IEM Cologne 2022. Liquid's EliGE had a total of 81 assists. NAVI's Perfecto follows EliGE with 63 assists. EliGE's teammate YEKINDAR has 61 assists and is in third place. Fourth and fifth place are electronicNic from NAVI and JDC from MOUZ.

  • EliGE - 81
  • Perfecto - 63
  • YEKINDAR - 61
  • electroNic - 60
  • JDC - 56

Players with the most clutches

One of the best moments for those who are interested in CS:GO esports is the clutch of the player they love and support. Liquid's oSee gave an amazing performance, making fans happy with a clutch 12 times. S1mple signed 11 clutches with a GOAT performance as usual. Torzsi from MOUZ is third with 9 clutches. These three players are followed by blameF from Astralis and Perfecto from NAVI.

  • oSee - 12
  • s1mple - 11
  • torzsi - 9
  • blameF - 7
  • Perfecto - 6

Most played maps in IEM Cologne 2022

Nuke was the most preferred map during IEM Cologne 2022. 14 matches were played on the Nuke map. The second place is shared by three different maps. Ancient, Inferno and Mirage played 13 times each. The fifth most played map is Overpass. 8 matches were played on Overpass.

  • Nuke - 14
  • Ancient - 13
  • Inferno - 13
  • Mirage - 13
  • Overpass - 8

Viewership statistics for IEM Cologne 2022

As always, IEM Cologne 2022 was watched with great enthusiasm and interest. In the grand final played on July 17, the number of instant viewers reached 1,249,426. The average number of viewers during the tournament was 276,763. In addition, IEM Cologne 2022 was watched for a total of 25,831,188 hours.

Based on the highest number of viewers reached, the five most interesting matches were as follows:

  • FaZe Clan - Natus Vincere | 1,249,426 (Grand Final)
  • Astralis - Natus Vincere | 591,195 (Semifinals)
  • Natus Vincere - Movistars Riders | 418,605 (Group Stage, Day 4)
  • FaZe Clan - Movistar Riders | 364,961 (Semifinals)
  • MOUZ - Astralis | 331,642 (Quarterfinals)

After the spectacular grand final of IEM Cologne 2022, we are sure that all CS:GO lovers are waiting for the next massive CS:GO tournament. If you are one of them, stay on Luckbox to be informed about the upcoming CS:GO tournaments.