nitr0 refuses to rule out a return to esports

Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella's long career in CS:GO may have come to an end, but that may not be the last we've seen of him.

Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella teases future esports career

The legendary and long-standing member of Team Liquid announced his retirement earlier this week, revealing that he was bringing his near decade-long career in CS:GO to an end in order to spend more time with his family.

Blaming the intense travel requirements of competing in CS:GO, nitr0 stated that he was unsure what the "next chapter of my life will hold," but added that he would begin a streaming career and "see where it takes me."

But it seems that the 27-year old is considering (or is at least open to) launching a career in another esport. That is according to a recent interview with, where nitr0 teased that his time in esports may not be over just yet.

When asked for more details about his future plans, nitr0 teased that he is "leaving his options open."

"I’m retiring from Counter-Strike, but I'm leaving my options open for other games and stuff," said nitr0. "If I get an offer, I'll consider it obviously, but as of now I'm just going to start my stream up and just try to just see where that takes me because there's nothing else to really do right now. I'm not going to actively look for another Counter-Strike team because I'm just not interested right now, so. There is no hidden message within my tweet or whatever. So, as of now, I'm just going to start streaming and just see what happens with it now."

But it certainly seems as if he is completely done with Counter-Strike, and is unlikely to be tempted back once the Counter-Strike 2 scene is well underway - with nitr0 re-iterating his reluctance to commit to Counter-Strike's intense travel requirements.

As to what esport we may see nitr0 in next, only time will tell - though Valorant would seem to be the obvious next step for him, with a number of CS:GO players having made the jump to Riot Games' title in the past.

But in the meantime, we still have one last chance to see nitr0 in action in CS:GO, with the player competing alongside his Team Liquid teammates at IEM Dallas. You can follow along with his final tournament run, and everything else in Dallas, via our IEM Dallas match schedule. And before you bet on CS:GO, make sure you've signed up for your free account!