A new team? A new position? What's next for Dendi after Team Secret cameo?

Dendi returned to Dota 2 action for Team Secret in the quarter-finals of MainCast Autumn Brawl.

Helping out in the absence of MidOne, the Ukranian legend was unable to help his new team prevail against his old team - Na'Vi, who won 2-1 to reach the last four.

Dendi - real name Danylo Ishutin - rose to legendary status with Na'Vi, with whom he won the first International, but now finds himself with options after leaving the org in September.

Update: Dendi joins SEA region team Tigers

With Secret, he was a stand-in, replacing MidOne, who was taking time out.

For most of his career, Dendi was the main man, playing mid, but is it time for him to switch position?

Esports broadcaster Paul Chaloner - AKA Redeye - believes the 28-year-old should consider adopting a new role to remain a Dota 2 force.

Speaking on Luckbox's esports podcast, Redeye said: "He would make, in my opinion, an amazing support player. Make him a 4 or a 5, put him in a team.

"With that level of experience, and that knowledge, and that game sense, and mechanics holy Moses, he'd be a star support player. He'd be a Puppey or a Kuro.

"That's the kind of level I think Dendi could make as a support player.

"And I think it's about time in his career that he could do that now. I think he could be a team leader, I think he could help teams go forward.

"He's certainly been drafting a lot more in the last couple of years so."

Redeye says Dendi's instinct will always be to prefer mid - but urged him to think again.

"The trouble is with 'Dondo' is that he will always want to play mid. You'll hear this phrase a lot: 'He's one of the nicest players you'll ever meet'.

"I've never known him to have that ego. I've never known him to be like, 'I'm playing mid and that's the end of it'.

"I don't think he's ever gone back to anyone at Na'Vi and said that's what's happening right now.

But by the same token I don't think anyone could ever get mad with him and say: 'You're playing support, Dendi. God damnit man go and play support now!'

"I'm doing it now. Dendi - if you're watching this - go and play support, you'd be amazing.

"He won't listen though. He'll flame me on Twitter now. Or he'll send me a love heart, you just can't get upset with the guy."

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