CSGO icon s1mple names favourite team-mates in Twitter AMA

CSGO star s1mple offered fans a glimpse into the life and times of one of the game's greats during an impromptu AMA on Twitter.

The Na'Vi player invited followers to ask him anything on Monday and threw out some interesting responses.

When asked to name the best team-mate he'd played with, s1mple picked two - current Na'vi pal electronic (Denis Sharipov) and ex-Team Liquid team-mate Hiko (Spencer Martin), who is now with Rogue.

S1mple also revealed that he plays Dota 2, when asked by legendary player Dendi if he could play Pudge well.

S1mple replied: "I can hit hooks sometimes."

S1mple's AMA Tweet attracted more than 640 replies, with questions including:

Q: Best map in the pool right now?
A: Mirage.
Q: Is it too late to turn pro at the age of 25?
A: No.
Q: Gut or falchion knife?
A: Falchion.

But perhaps the most important question came from FACEIT...