CSGO roster changes update: NA goes off!

IEM Katowice 2019 is over, and teams have started to change things in reaction to their performance in Poland. With mousesports having moved pre-Kato, there are a lot of spots to be filled, and a lot of contracts to be signed, so let's take a look at the possible CSGO roster changes, movers and shakers in the post-Major shuffle.

UPDATE: 19/3/2019

Zellsis is gone, flusha is gone, now Kio could also be on his way out of Cloud 9

When you see how ruthless C9 are about to be to the French vet, it’s crazy to think how badly Skadoodle played for years without getting cut, but then behind-the-scenes at the NA org is a bit bizarre, based on a lot of the stories. No wonder Jack was scared to win the Major.

Jugi and k0nfig could be on their way to Cloud 9

After failing for a long time at OpTic, k0nfig is set to be rescued, although how much of an improvement it really is depends on your point of view. For a man linked with Astralis a year ago it’s been a tough twelve months, but C9 is the sort of team he should be on, and will give the Danish banger room to prove his star quality. At this point, Jugi is hardly exciting, despite his obvious potential, having underperformed for so long.

Cajun b reacts

It’s been a funny few years for the Danish veteran, who must be questioning what he’s even doing with his life, playing as he does for one of the biggest names in esports, and being totally unable to achieve any kind of positive result with them. Why OpTic, why?

…which could see OpTic sign MSL and niko to replace them

This is a bit more like it, and let’s be honest, MSL is too good to play for a team like Rogue for very long. He could be the man OpTic actually need to give them a foundation, as it’s clear their current line-up is on a one-way trip to the scrapheap.

So Cloud 9 no longer have an automatic Major spot, but Zellsis has a plan…

As you can see, everyone’s favourite new Thorin, Dekay, has done a bit more digging in order to prove himself correct, and C9’s current plan would see them go through the Minor if they want to play in Berlin. Maybe it’s time to put the assumption the teams are scared of the Minor to bed, after Mousesports also ditched their three in favour of a brighter long-term future.

HellRaisers are in talks with suNny, according to Cybersport.ru

It is actually quite impressive how HellRaisers have managed to sign some of the best available players, despite bigger teams clearly needing them, and they continue to do good work. After LMBT and Oskar, they have been linked with another Mousesports player, although at this stage who hasn’t allegedly had talks with suNny?

…and finally, SANJI will stand in for Krizzen at AVANGAR, due to health issues

The Uzbeki star will stand in for Krizzen in the short term, we are hearing due to health issues, but for how long each move will last is the real question. Krizzen is out for an ‘indefinite period’, with SANJI only a stand-in.

suNny to Cloud9

As a move, this doesn’t make a lot of sense for the player, unless he’s going to massively increase his pay by going to the NA org. Even if that is the case, there should be other options for a player as talented as suNny, but stranger things have happened. There was also a cryptic tweet from allu, featuring the Finnish mouse, which you can read into as much as you want.

karrigan to mousesports

We’ve done a deeper dive on this and the suNny move you can read here, but this is one a lot of experts have floated, and makes a lot of sense. mousesports have a lot of talent, and karrigan has a lot to offer.

w0xic to BIG?

Most of this rumour is based on a single tweet, which translates as ‘are you ready?’. The idea of BIG having both woxic and Xantares is interesting, with the pair clearly the best of the Turkish contingent, but it’s at least an exciting thought for fans of the German org.

Woxic to mousesports?

Alternatively, over in France Nel is reporting that mouz will be the ones to try and sign woxic, along with young talent Frozen, currently of NoChance. How this move would work out is fascinating the muse on, but it’s one of the more difficult ones to predict with confidence.

Cloud9 lose Zellsis, flusha

After the major, it is no surprise to see the Swedish CSGOD take some time away from the game, having unexpectedly lost his mother while he was in Poland. As for Zellsis, he’ll be sad not to have made the grade, but his performance overall wasn’t tier one, and with the options C9 have it would be mad not to try and upgrade.

Grayhound announce departure of Sterling

After a disappointing Major that was overshadowed by the actions of one player, and his attempts to become a meme, Grayhound have decided to cut Sterling. The player actually has a fair amount of potential, but his development hasn't come as quickly as the org might have liked.

FaZe will decide AdreN’s fate in the coming week

While it was tough watching Adren struggle over the course of the Katowice Major, it’s fair to say that his team weren’t exactly soaring around him. Apparently, YNk is safe despite the team looking tactically bereft, while according to VPEsports AdreN will learn his fate within the week.

Also going...

Nel tells us that 3DMax will sign Logan to complete their five man roster...Heroic look to flog Acilion on Twitter...Grayhound could bring in Sico to replace Sterling...getting Chinese VISAs confirmed not #EZ4ENCE...

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