Players and fans react to CS:GO dev on Twitter ahead of 'survival mode' update


The highly anticipated CS:GO update, rumoured to include a survival mode or battle royale mode, has been pushed back to Thursday, as per CS:GO dev on Twitter.

An initial tweet said suggested an update would be on Wednesday, sparking excitement from fans, players and the wider CS:GO community.

Wednesday passed with no news, before the CS:GO dev Twitter account posted again, teasing fans that an announcement could come on Thursday.

Naturally, the tweet prompted a swathe of replies from pro players, fans and teams on Twitter and the Global Offensive subreddit eagerly waiting for updates.

u/6tynein said: "No, I'm busy. Can we just do it today?"

u/Sachman13 said: "This Wednesday = Thursday or later."

u/420N1CKN4M3 said: "They're trying to lower the hype we've artificially created about nothing, it'll release today! It must!"

James McMathMedia manager at Luckbox.